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WordPress Hosting : Choosing the right kind of hosting and the right host provider is crucial for running your online business successfully. As the hosting plan can influence your website’s earnings, you need to choose the one carefully suiting your needs and providing your visitors with a secure website.   This write-up covers the concepts of managed WordPress hosting and the reasons for choosing it. So, stay tuned.  

What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

  Managed WordPress hosting is not specifically a type of plan; instead, it is the description of the service that you will receive from your hosting provider. While the other hosting plans leave don’t bother much once you have purchased their plan, the managed hosting takes some responsibilities for maintaining the performance and security of your website. In simple words, if you buy managed WordPress hosting India, your hosting provider will manage your website and server for you.  

What makes managed WordPress hosting a good choice?

Fast speed  

When you choose managed WordPress hosting, your provider will have server-level caching in place and they will configure the right versions of MySQL, Apache and PHP to ensure the best performance for your website. Running a website on managed hosting can reduce the page-load speed of your website by 1-2 seconds or even more. And no need to say that even a second’s delay can cost companies millions of dollars every year.   Fast loading speed not only ensures good customer experience but is also considered as an important factor for ranking by Google.  

Improved security  

Managed WordPress hosting takes security to the next level as compared to the one provided y shared hosting. The managed WordPress hosting plans feature daily malware scans, enhanced security protocols and the ability to ward off different types of cyber threats. And in case your website is still hacked, you can stay relaxed that your hosting provider will use the WordPress specific know-how to provide you with a fix.  

Better Scalability  

Due to the nature of the setup, a managed host allows your website to handle a much higher number of viewers than it would be able to handle on shared hosting. However, the thing you need to keep in mind is many leading hosts will have limits on the number of monthly visitors your site can accommodate and in case your website outgrows that number, you are subjected to additional charges.   As far as the uptime is concerned, even an entry-level managed WordPress hosting account will provide your website with a vastly superior level of uptime.  

Automated backups  

Automated backups are just one thing, most of the managed WordPress hosting plans come with the features which allow you to restore your backups easily and quickly. Managed hosting services offer one-click restores and enable your website to get back online within a few minutes, if not seconds.  

Automatic updates  

When you buy your plan from a reputed web hosting company in India, you can stay assured that you will always be running the most stable, latest as well as the most secure versions of everything.   In managed WordPress hosting, professionals will ensure to keep your site performing at its peak efficiency through automatic updates. These updates not only cover the server’s operating system, PHP and MySQL etc. but also cover the WordPress itself!  

When choosing a provider for managed WordPress hosting, you should just rely on the reviews and rating you see online (though they are important); you should prefer to have a consultation with the providers to know the perks of their plans and distinguish them on the basis of your requirements. Doing so will help you choose the right provide


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