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This new normal has changed the entire pattern of our living. Nowadays education to business meet-ups everything is based on the internet. According to a recent survey, in the previous year approximately 88% business meetings have been arranged through video conferences. Nowadays most corporate sectors allow remote working and this is the reason why in the past year the number of online business conferences has increased so dramatically. But here a serious concern arises that we can’t overlook. It’s the concern of security. No matter how urgent the meeting is, what we shouldn’t comprise is security. There are some significant reasons that will make you understand why you need secure video meetings. 

To protect the data- Not everyone is worthy of your trust. The important data you share in a video meeting could be the biggest assets for your company. So the privacy of such data should be your prime concern. Allowing anyone to join the meeting or using any video chatting tool for such official meetings could be a biggest threat to the security of data. So yes if you want to protect the datasystem of your company what you must do is secure video conferencing.

To keep it private- a business conference is the time when all intelligent people in a company sit together and discuss some effective strategies, programs and goals. Now don’t you think such planning plotting should be done with enough security, enough privacy? Leaking out any of such plans could be a potential threat to your firm. Now what’s the way? The best way is securing your video meetings so that any third party can’t steal your ideas ever.

To make it end-to-end encrypted- Do you know what this end-to-end encryption actually means? It means no other person would be able to see or hear anything that you have discussed in your video conference. Securing video meetings means making it end-to-end encrypted so that no other person can get any clue about the meeting.

To prevent cyber crimes- Cyber-hackers are all in the way. Don’t ever underestimate the potential of such cyber-hackers. They are literally pro at stealing information, money, passwords and other important documents. While video conferencing you may unknowingly share some important password, data or OTP number. And cyber-hackers wait for such opportunities. Your business accounts, bank accounts can be hacked within a minute just because of your one silly move. So be aware, be conscious. Secure your video conference. Don’t use any unauthentic video calling app no matter how many advanced features it provides.

Hope now you have gained an insight why securing your video calls are so important. Use tools that offer end-to-end encryption and that never store any information as storage.   


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