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Hybrid App Development – The digital age is characterized by rapid technological change. We are also very familiar with app update notifications when it comes to apps. Today we will discuss hybrid app development using react native.

The framework of a hybrid app is designed by combining web technology and native execution. Such solutions can be developed by any leading company that specializes in React Native App Development.

Using a native container, such apps can be easily run on iOS and Android devices. They are structured with HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. Hybrid App Development

The hybrid format was used to build many apps before React Native became a reality, which allowed app developers to create applications with ease, both in programming and maintaining the application.

Why React Native for Hybrid App Development?

When developing an application, developers must first choose whether to build a hybrid app with HTML5 or to code two native apps for Android and iOS that carry out the same functions. The situation has changed since then.

React Native has simplified and streamlined things for users. That is why the following reasons will explain why we should develop hybrid mobile apps using React Native. Hybrid App Development

Same Look & Feel as Native

With React Native, you get all the advantages of a hybrid app while avoiding all its downsides.

Apps that are hybridized are web applications molded into native containers to make them mobile friendly, but they are not mobile-friendly. There is no web view delivered by React Native, and it is perfectly suited for mobile devices.

Added smoothness and compatibility to a native app will make the user’s experience more enjoyable on a mobile device. Developers are aided in this task by React Native.

Shared Codebase between Android & iOS

By using React Hybrid App, developers no longer have to write separate codebases for each platform. One codebase allows React Native to be used for a range of functions.

The application saves the developer’s time that can be used more effectively, while providing users with a mobile-friendly version of the application.

While some codes must be written according to platform specifications because the functionality differs from platform to platform, 80% of the codebase is the same.

User Experience

Increasingly tech-savvy people are a consequence of technology being upgraded day by day. Their goal is to simplify and simplify everything. Hybrid App Development

Thus, the companies must acknowledge the fact that there are Nomophobia (smartphone addicts) with whom they need to deal, who want to use apps that have a lot of features and are easy to access because they are the ones rating them. User experience is not provided by hybrid apps.


Hybrid apps are no more due to react native hybrid app great features that overcome all the challenges they have faced in the past.

React native is responsible for growing many industrial giants. No other source has provided UI & UX like this one.

React Native can therefore be said to be the solution for all the hybrid apps which still exist and we are on our way to becoming react native.

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