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Are you willing to sell or buy used stuff from anywhere close? Some of the popular marketplace solutions like Letgo and OfferUp sell used kinds of things in local locations. Since 2018, there has been a 70% increase in the number of peoples selling goods online. Indeed, it permits the users to publicize their products, communicate with one another, and make more sales. The significant concept of Letgo and OfferUp is to sell the items by sellers in the nearby location, and the buyers search for their desired products in their area. 

In simple, a platform by which users can shop and sell anything and gain additional funds. Let’s discuss some essential information about these marketplace applications.

How does it work?

LetGo and OfferUp grant its sellers to advertise products easily at no cost. In simple, these apps empower their customers to purchase and sell anything online in a distinct area – efficiently and productively. Indeed, after signing in, sellers can advertise their goods and be in touch with their future customers. In addition, it enables buyers and sellers to have a private conversation regarding product details. 

The developers have incorporated some features for the dealers to load models of products through inbuilt camera enhancements. Besides these, the app allows shoppers and vendors to create their profile pages for evaluating each other.  

Why it looks good for a business?

You would have understood that OfferUp and LetGo are helping both sellers and buyers to do trading in a particular locality. So, now let’s discuss why marketplace apps like OfferUp and LetGo are excellent ideas to implement in your online business. 

  • Based on statistics, almost 2 billion people or using e-Commerce stores for purchasing the desired products. 
  • Online sales had reached 2.8 trillion in 2018.
  • Experts expect it to happen twice in 2021. 

So, as per experts, in 2021, the whole world will look at it as a win-win situation for business owners, sellers, and buyers. 

Step by step guide to making buys and sell apps!

Below are simple steps that you can utilize to create a buy and sell application effectively. 

  1. Attractive brand name 

First, select a brand name for your c2c platform that is more attractive and easily memorable for customers. First of all, users see the brand name, and so it should be brief and trendy. If you experience difficulty while selecting the proprietary name, use some online tools to form a perfect name for your future online business. 

  • Smart UI/UX 

After selecting a classic name for your business, go behind well-favored UI/UX. Uploading appropriate images and providing comfort in the user experience will make changes in your business, as the prospective customers expect that from you. Users expect an application to be more user-friendly and so make it simple with UI/UX.

  • Include a virtual shopping cart 

The craze for shopping is always high in people. So, sometimes they wish to buy multiple products using your buy and sell application. So, it is advisable to add a shopping cart to your app. After selecting numerous products from your site, customers can proceed to the shopping cart for payment at once. Indeed, shopping carts help to organize the products and add or delete them as per their needs. 

  1. Payment gateway 

You can pick up the right payment gateway which will suit your niche. If you are not aware of the best, you can analyze your competitor’s site to know what they are utilizing. So, pay attention while selecting the right payment gateway for your buy and sell app, as it means a lot.

  • Marketing 

So, now imagine, you have started your online buy and sell app like LetGo and OfferUp, but nobody knows you, then how will you gain profits. Now, you need to concentrate on marketing. Influencer marketing works powerfully in application marketing so that you can grab more new customers. 

Being conscious of these approaches will lead you to get better results, as it will be more competitive and gain more leads and sales.

Necessary buy and sell app features!

Creating a mobile app just like LetGo and OfferUp is the best idea. However, don’t lose your originality, and you should have any unique features enclosed in your app. So now, let’s see the required and exciting features your mobile app need to get more opportunities.

Simple registration 

No more disappointments by filling numerous pages, and so integrate your app with social media for registration. 

Search icon 

It helps consumers to search for their desired product and as well helps in traffic management.


Make the process simple and reduce time wastage.

Inbuilt camera 

Allow users to take and upload a photo directly.

Image scanner 

It prevents sellers from uploading low-quality pictures.

Hot deals 

Enable users to compare the product for a better experience. As well, grab consumer attention with exclusive offers and discounts. 

Inbuilt chats

Allow both customers and advertisers to communicate with one another about the product details without hindrance.

Review and ratings

It safeguards consumers from treacherous merchants. 

Inbuilt payment feature

Whenever people buy on your website for the first time, the service asks for credit/debit card details for further usage, so they don’t need to enter it every time they purchase. 


Make a deal with third-party delivery services to enhance your customer experience. 


Push notifications help your customer to recognize the hot deals and offers they are missing. 

Monetization Model

Perpetually, using the basic functionalities of your website doesn’t need any money. However, for using advanced features, they have to pay. It means that premium users get exceptional benefits like getting direct calls from buyers and properties to list products instinctively.

Final thoughts

Evolving a new buy-sell marketplace mobile application is an incredible idea. However, include necessary and exclusive features to grab more consumers to the marketplace. I hope it works, and as well, you would have understood everything about how to make an app like LetGo and OfferUp as it is your time to dive into the market.


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