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CDSCO Registration is issued by Central Drug Standard Control Organization to importers of drugs, medical products and cosmetics. Lately, the most popular among them is the cosmetics import.

With more and more people getting attracted to foreign cosmetics, the government decided to step in. Its purpose is to ensure that the foreign countries don’t take advantage of India’s consumers by selling low quality products

So, what is CDSCO Registration for import? It’s the permission to importers to bring in foreign cosmetic products and put them on sale in India.

In this article, we are going to give you a complete guide regarding this certificate. Here, you’ll know:

  • The need of CDSCO approval
  • The process of CDSCO registration
  • The documents for CDSCO registration

The need for CDSCO SUGAM registration for cosmetic products

There are to things that the government cares about (or pretends to) when a product crosses international borders and arrives in India:

  • Is the product safe for the customers?
  • Does the product contain any harmful chemicals?
  • Has the product been manufactured ethically?

In the same way, by implementing the product registration guidelines, CDSCO takes care of the following:

  • The product is free from any toxic chemicals that might harm an Indian citizen.
  • The product is made in accordance to the rules mentioned in the guidelines.
  • No animals are harmed during the production of the said cosmetic.

When you are successfully able to obtain CDSCO Sugam registration, you prove that your product is safe for consumption, has been produced ethically and is free from any heavy metals or toxic chemicals.

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The process of CDSCO registration

Let’s now take a brief look at the CDSCO registration process:

  • Authorization of the applicant: First, the foreign manufacturer has to authorize the importer to apply for CDSCO certificate. That importer has to do the same and choose an AIR or Authorized Indian Representative. AIR is the CDSCO consultant that knows the ins and outs of the process and carries out all the necessary steps.
  • Document gathering; There are many documents that CDSCO requires from your end to analyse you as an applicant. The AIR takes up the task of collecting and drafting some of these documents for you.
  • Filing the application: The Authorized Indian Representative will file the application for CDSCO certificate via an online portal
  • Analysis of the application: The CDSCO, after receiving the application, will analyse it on several level to see if you’re worthy of the certificate.
  • Grant of CDSCO certificate after the acceptance of the application.

Document you need to obtain CDSCO Certificate

As per the CDSCO guidelines, you need to present the following documents to the authority to obtain the certificate:

  • Cover Letter
  • Power of attorney
  • Labels of the product
  • Ingredients of the cosmetics
  • Specification of the cosmetic
  • Following declarations:
    • No animals were hurt
    • Free of heavy metals
  • Free sale certificate
  • Letter Authorizing the Authorized Indian representative
  • Import Export Code


Importing cosmetic products is only possible if you have CDSCO certificate. In case you don’t, you can reach out to our experts who can help you.

What is CDSCO registration for import of cosmetics? This articles gives you complete information pertaining to this topic in great detail. But if you still seek more info, reach out to Registrationwala.


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