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It takes one AYUSH license to start an AYUSH business in India. It’s a business certificate provided by the AYUSH ministry. But to obtain it, you have to follow several steps, and none of them are quite easy to follow.

Therefore, consider this article as a one-page guide to setup an alternative medicine business by obtaining the AYUSH license.

What does it take to start an AYUSH business in India?

Step 1: Become eligible to obtain the AYUSH license

If the AYUSH ministry doesn’t find you worthy for the license, you won’t get it even if you have filed your application correctly. Thus, before you file your application for AYUSH license registration, make sure that you adhere to the following rules and regulations:

  • Incorporate your alternative medicine business as a company.
  • Have a manufacturing facility that should be at least 1500 square feet in area per medicine.
  • Having 2 pharmacist and 2 qualified AYUSH practitioners in your facility.
  • Having the facility certified for GMP or Good manufacturing practice.

It’s only after you adhere to the above points that you can obtain AYUSH license in Delhi, Mumbai, UP or anywhere else in India.

Step 2: File the offline application for AYUSH license

Unfortunately, there is no option get to AYUSH license if you apply online. The online procedure, while being searched for by many, doesn’t exist. Thus, you have to adhere to the following steps to file the application to obtain AYUSH certificate registration:

  • Download the form 24D from the official AYUSH ministry website.
  • Fill the application form with the correct details.
  • Gather the documents below:
    • Duly filled application form
    • Site and key plan
    • Standard Operating Procedure
    • List of machinery in your AYUSH facility
    • List of books in your AYUSH facility
    • Business incorporation certificates
    • Declaration
    • Affidavit signed by the applicant
    • Details of the qualifications of your employees.
  • Submit the above-mentioned documents to the AYUSH ministry.
  • Wait for the response of the AYUSH ministry.
  • If your application had been filed wrong, the ministry will notify you of them and order you to make corrections within a set deadline.
  • Reach out to AYUSH license consultants to rectify your mistakes.
  • After the approval of the second application, you’ll receive a notification detailing the time and date of inspection.
  • Let the inspector assess your manufacturing premises.

You’ll obtain the AYUSH license based on the report drafted and submitted by the inspector.

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Step 3: Consider reaching out to AYUSH certificate consultants

The steps that I have told you that you should follow, can’t be followed by you. So why have I told you about them? Simple. I need to understand the value AYUSH license consultants can bring to the table.

  • They can file your application without any errors
  • They can arrange the documentations for you
  • They can rectify any issues with your application form
  • They can conduct a follow up with the ministry in case the licensing process is taking too much time.

Getting the AYUSH license is the game of patience. You HAVE to wait for it to obtain it. However, it’s also the game of being vigilant. We can’t expect you to take charge of application filing and take care of your AYUSH business simultaneously.

That’s why, through our AYUSH certificate company, Registrationwala, we can provide you the exact services you need to run your business.

What does it take to start an AYUSH business in India? It takes three steps, and they lead you to AYUSH license.

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