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Know why you should embed Instagram Stories on website to engage brand advocates and further convert them into potential customers.

Social media platforms have proven to be a game-changer for all. In fact not only brands but it has also become prevalent amongst budding brands and businesses due to its ability to help them reach out to their potential customers more effectively and convincingly. Noticing how huge and potential social media is, brands have started strategizing their next marketing move around social media platforms. 

Amongst all the strategies, brands have begun embedding social media feeds into their website. Most importantly, they have begun including visual-dominated platforms like Instagram in their marketing efforts to enhance their reach on the platform. 

Barring its stunning appearance, Instagram has become a hot favorite of brands as it is used by over 500 million daily active users. Known as a well-known network, Instagram has millions of users worldwide and is constantly growing a significant number of followers. It is in flight, soaring upwards with no indication that it will be lowering.

Instagram has developed over time, and brands, as well as individuals, are now beginning to see its potential for company growth and visibility on a worldwide scale Instagram Stories.

By including Instagram stories on websites as a widget, you may further tap into the potential of this social media platform for your brand. It is a fantastic approach to step up your marketing efforts.

However, if you are new to this strategy and confused about including it in your marketing efforts or not, then read on!

Why Should You Embed Instagram Stories On Your Website?

  • Significant growth in website traffic

The first significant point of contact between your brand and potential clients is through your website. Therefore, it must have interesting content and have the ability to encourage further website exploration.

Instagram users give time to their feeds for a considerable length of time. Therefore, there is a good chance that when you aggregate and integrate the content on the website, your website visitors will become attracted and browse the website more, increasing total engagement with the website.

  • Utilize user-generated content to increase social proof

Regular social media users who frequent Instagram are also visitors to your website. A significant portion of Instagram’s user base is made up of brand users Instagram Stories.

Brands are actively seeking strategies to demonstrate the validation of their current customers in light of the significant changes in the buying environment. Instagram users freely express their thoughts and talk about their favourite items and brands. Your potential clients’ confidence can be increased by collecting Instagram content and putting it on your website.

Quite often brands repost the content of their existing customers on their Instagram Stories to win over the trust of their potential customers through User-Generated Content. A majority of more than 70% of prospective users state that they include users’ content in their shopping journey while choosing a product or service. Furthermore, embedding the content on the website can help you in establishing a social proof of the brands and can help generate more sales and conversions.

  • Improve the appearance of your website

As has already been mentioned, Instagram has a strong and appealing presence, making it a very popular social networking platform. Further integrating an Instagram widget on your website has the power to completely transform the way it looks.

A website also needs to have a compelling presentation to encourage people to remain longer.

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  • Boost Instagram following

Instagram stories feeds can help brands significantly improve the number of followers they have on the social media platform. It mostly occurs because website visitors can see the stuff you’ve posted on Instagram.

There is a risk that website visitors who enjoy the content might want to click the Follow button on your Instagram handle after being redirected there. In the end, it would result in more Instagram followers.

Key Takeaways

Now that you are well aware of the main reasons why you should include Instagram stories feeds on your website, you must be wondering how to embed Instagram stories feeds on your website. Using an Instagram aggregation tool like the Taggbox Widget, the users can easily collect, curate, and embed Instagram content from their preferred connection type including your Instagram stories. You can also leverage the features of the tool to make your widget more appealing and impactful.  

We highly recommend getting going and embedding content on your website. This tactic is really powerful and can help brands take their operations to a whole new level. Be sure to review the tool’s features before deciding on it!


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