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Audio based social media apps have spurred up the mobile apps market in recent days. Especially apps like Clubhouse have become the talk of the town. Unlike other reputed social media apps, Clubhouse has gained huge popularity.

The Clubhouse has created a revolution not only among the users but also among the entrepreneurs. Because none of them ever thought that an audio-based app would ever receive such recognition. This blog is for entrepreneurs like you who are about to step into the audio apps market. Audio Based Social Media Apps

How does a Clubhouse app work?

Audio Based Social Media Apps

The Clubhouse is an audio-based social media app where all the communication happens in audio format in real-time. Every activity of the app is done only through voice chat, leaving no scope for writing or posting anything. The voice chat takes place either in public or closed rooms. Audio Based Social Media Apps

Users can participate in audio discussions with other users. Any user can enter any room and become a part of it. The room is nothing but forums where the users will participate in discussions.

The discussion room will have three types of people – the moderator, the speakers and the listeners. The participants of the discussion can leave the rooms whenever they want by just clicking the leave the room option.

Why would Clubhouse clone be a perfect choice?

The Clubhouse has created a revolution among people, and it has become a hot topic of discussion. Unlike Clubhouse, there are several audio-based apps. But Clubhouse has become a super hit in the market. The Clubhouse has created a huge impact on the market that even Spotify has come up with its own edition. Audio Based Social Media Apps

Just a month ago, Spotify also launched its audio-based app – Greenroom. This clearly indicates the impact it has created in the market. The Clubhouse clone is an alternative, developed with the same features as the former.

A well-crafted Clubhouse clone will surely be a game-changer in audio-based social apps. So, I suggest you get urge with launching your Clubhouse clone app in the market as soon as possible.

Must-have features of a Clubhouse clone app

An ideal Clubhouse clone should house the following features,

  • Create profile

Once the users download the app, they have to register with the app. They have to give their name and upload their photo to create their profiles. After creating their profile, they can join rooms to take part in the discussion.

  • Rooms

A room is a forum where discussions take place. The users can participate in any rooms they wish. They can also create their room by clicking the create room button. The Clubhouse clone should have three types of rooms for the users – open room, social and closed rooms. Audio Based Social Media Apps

  • Club

This feature is similar to the groups you find on Facebook. Moreover, users with similar interests and like-minded users can create their clubs. In these clubs, they can have discussions based on their interests.

  • Search

The users can search for people or their interesting topics from the app. The search option allows the users to type their topic and lists the top results based on their interests. Audio Based Social Media Apps

  • Feed

Once the users open their app, they will get their feeds. The feeds will list all the rooms, their topic for discussions, and participant’s names in them. The users can view them and join the rooms they wish.

  • Notifications

Unlike other apps, the Clubhouse clone should send notifications for the users to improve their user engagement. They should send important notifications like when someone from the users following lists starts a room; they should get notified.

What is the cost of developing a Clubhouse clone app?

Various factors determine the cost of developing a Clubhouse clone app. However, app development companies charge you for hours the developers spend on developing the app. You will be paying for what you opt for. The features, functionalities, app platform and app design you choose for the app will have an impact on the total cost. Audio Based Social Media Apps

In addition, for each extra technical assistance like API integration, bug fixing and testing, you will be paying more money.

Wrapping up,

When social media apps like Facebook were launched, they created a huge sphere in the market. Now, the same occurs with the Clubhouse app. It has become a trendsetter with gaining a large user base. In the present scenario, audio-based apps are trending on the list. Hence, launching a Clubhouse clone at this stage will be a sure hit for you.


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