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The cakes are mainly popular for their mind blowing taste and beauty that can’t find similar anywhere else in the world. The cake is also play an important role in festival, party and special happy occasion. Everyone having at least a one bites of cake in their life. Apart from that, the cake also recalls the past memories which are spend with our friends. You can find lots of collection of this sweet that separated with their color, size, shape, texture and design. The cake size and color matter if you order for any type of special occasion. One of the best thing is the cake is part of annual festival occasion in our life. This article is a perfect destination for those who are love to eat cake or interesting to know the myth about cakes industry.

Use of Measuring Cups and spoons

This is one of the common myths, the perfection of baking cake that closely associated with measure cups and spoons. Apart from that, they think this will helps to measuring all the ingredients correctly. In reality, they have not used any type of tools in actual. They are expert in their field that is why they can make a perfect cake without any type of mistake. In most cases, they have done some reared mistake but they don’t use the measuring cups and special equipments.

Wedding cake has to white

You have seen in parties, the wedding cake always white. They have no choice to choose any another color for the wedding party. But in reality this is not a case, the wedding cake is available in different shape and colors. You can get any color or size cake for your wedding party. In reality, you don’t need to buy white cake for your wedding. Today, you can get square, heart, rectangular to triangular shaped cake for your wedding party. Actually lots of peoples set a standard the wedding cake should be white that is the main reason the wedding cake white.

Opening the Oven Door

There is common myth don’t open the oven door until the cake is fully baked, otherwise the cake will be ruined. This is not true, if you open an oven door to check the cake fully bake or not that does not affect your cake making process. Sometime, it’s important to check for a perfect cake making. Apart from that, some oven has feature or recipe states but the truth is – it is not good for every recipe. These features and states are completely false.

A Wedding Cake has to be Fruit Cake

Believe it or not, most of the couples go with the sponge cake now. They prefer normal cake for their wedding occasion. So this is the right time to break this old type of tradition. Imaging your taste on your mind and go with the cake that your mind to serve at your wedding party. You should not need any type of customization on it.

Need a baking paper to bake a cake

We guess all the peoples are used baking paper to bake the cake but in reality only few of them use baking paper to bake the cake. You don’t need thin tin or baking paper to bake your cake. You can use cooking oil or butter to bake your cake.

So, here is the common myth of the cake. You have no worries when you book your cake or bake your cake at home. Apart from that, you can add some unique style to make your cake at home. One more thing, you don’t need to think about the perfection, follow the protocol and don’t believe any type of myth. It’s something you enjoy and reduce your stress after eating it.


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