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WordPress-specific hosting, also known as Managed WordPress Hosting, has a number of useful tools that make maintaining, securing, and speeding up your WordPress site much easier. Managed WordPress hosting is great for anyone who is starting a business using WordPress or who wants to free up time by trusting their website to a trustworthy hosting provider. Managed WordPress hosting is an excellent option for businesses and in-house brands alike.

The following are some of the advantages of managed WordPress hosting.

Faster Sites and Better Performance

You will enjoy a customized WordPress experience if you use a managed
WordPress host. This means that your website will perform better, have fewer
technical difficulties, and have a greater uptime.Managed WordPress Hosting
Managed hosting companies also provide performance advantages such as
CDN, global server locations, and fast scaling technology. These terms may
seem technical, yet these powerful tools are extremely easy to use and set up.

Support from WordPress Experts

Most hosting companies offer some level of support, but with managed
WordPress providers, you can rest assured that their support staff is well-
versed on the WordPress platform.
This means they’ll be capable of understanding even the smallest problem,
whether it’s a potential plug-in conflict, a complex theme, or a server-side
issue. You will not have to worry about anything if their team knows
WordPress through and out, and you’ll have access to their team 24/7 support.

Day-To-Day Website Management

It takes more than just adding new information every day and dealing with
visitors to run a website. You must also keep your plugins and themes up to
current, backup your site on a routine basis, and do a lot more.
As a result, WordPress Hosting allows you to easily manage site maintenance.
They frequently take care of routine maintenance jobs for you so that you
don’t have to. In the meantime, you can always focus on other important tasks.

Features that go beyond Server Setups

Fast and secure servers are essential for any high-performing website; one of
the key advantages of using a managed WordPress host is the additional
services they can provide. A managed host is more like a business partner for
you. The features are as follows:

 Collaborate on sites with your team, clients, or one-time contributors.
 Create premade site templates with themes and plug-ins.
 Send demo sites to clients to review before going live.
 Transfer the hosting bill to clients.

Managed WordPress hosting includes a number of benefits that other services
may lack. Apart from all of the above-mentioned advantages, another
advantage is that the service given is generally of higher quality. As a result,
using managed hosting rather than unmanaged hosting is always a good
option. It can be costly at times, but it will provide you with a wide range of
services while also saving you time.

If you are seeking for managed WordPress hosting, bodHOST is the best place
to go. Purchase hosting from bodHOST and take advantage of their hassle-free
services. Managed WordPress Hosting

More Time to Focus on Content Creation

One of the most huge advantages of WordPress hosting is the increased
control you have over your time. An unmanaged plan necessitates a significant
amount of effort spent on maintenance, website optimization, security, and
other tasks.
Although managed WordPress can be more expensive than other plans at
times, the time you save in return is well worth it, and that time can be spent
on more important things like improving the quality of your website and
growing your content output.


The performance of a WordPress site is affected by its network connection.
The network interface of the server, the switches and routers in the data
centre, the data center’s connections to its bandwidth providers, the reliability
of those bandwidth providers, the speed with which packets are routed, and so
on all have an impact on network.

Staging with a Single Click

Most managed WordPress providers offer a convenient staging area where you
can make changes to your site before it goes live. Making changes in a live
environment might result in major errors, resulting in white screens of doom.
You can make changes or updates with one-click staging using the provider’s
easy plugin or staging tool before approving them for production. This will not
only lower the chance of mistakes or mishaps, but it will also allow firms to test
their modifications before they go into action.

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