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Top 10 Pakistani Tiktok Stars 2021  – The popularity of Tiktok among the younger generation is growing all across the world. Tik Tok is gaining traction among the younger generation as well. People appear to be just as enthusiastic about meeting them and taking photographs with them as film and drama actresses. We will tell you about who they are, why they are famous, and how much money they make in today’s topic. Here are Top 10 Pakistani Tiktok Stars 2021

Jannat Mirza

Janat Mirza has the accolade of being Pakistan’s number one TikTok user. On TikTok, Nine Points has six million followers. Janat Mirza of Faisalabad is at the top of Pakistan’s list of famous rich, and gorgeous tiktokers. On Instagram, there are even more followers. She is Alishba Anjum’s older sister. She’s a natural actress. That is why the major apparel firms compensate them. At any given time, Janat Mirza charges over one million color suits.

Kanwal Aftab

Kanwal Aftab has already established himself as a star. She had already started using social media. It didn’t take them long to become well-known. On Tiktok, she’s known as the Cute Girl. In addition, he works for a well-known Urdu point website. They’ve been spotted on TV giving interviews here and there. That’s why she has over 8.9 million Tik Tok followers. She also appears to be modeling a lot of outfits. She also has over 800,000 Instagram followers. For making the video, the product charges more than Rs 300,000.


On the list of Pakistan’s most renowned and wealthy tiktokers, Zulqarnain Sikandar is ranked third. Gujarat is their home state. In the Tiktok realm, he is regarded as one of the great actors. It won’t be long until he becomes a hero in Pakistan’s theatre or film business. He is also known as Pakistan’s best talent. People are also told by a one-minute video of his performance that he should work in movies or plays, which is why he is ranked third on Tik Tok.

Zulqarnain Sikandar, the Pakistani boy with the most fans. The majority of the videos were shot in Pakistan’s tik tokers. They are also Pakistan’s most expensive clothes modeling models, charging between five and seven lakh rupees every appearance. They have a total of 8.6 million followers on Twitter. So, if you think someone else is better than them, please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Asim Usman

Usman is a Wazirabad native. Usman worked in a store. Who was it who sat in the shop filming videos? Friends believe that if you have a specific talent, you can make it on your own. It also doesn’t require anyone’s help. Usman might be dubbed the world’s most hilarious comic. People from all across the world have praised some of his videos. Usman, like Phollu, is a tiktok star.

That is why both youngsters and adults like their videos. Usman presently has 8.1 million Tik Tok followers. And it’s for this reason that the large difficulties ask them on their television shows. Because of his sincerity and good intentions, even celebrities are enamored with him. Usman charges more than four lakh for a product video, according to the arrangement. They’ve also lately launched their own YouTube channel.

Anjum Alishba

Alisha is a nickname given to him by her lovers. On TikTok, Seven Point has a million followers. Alishba Anjum is from the Pakistani city of Faisalabad. Jannat Mirza, his older sister, is an even bigger TikTok sensation. They’re also quite popular nowadays. Her popularity stems from her sweet features and his enticing eyes. The majority of the videos are in slow motion. She hasn’t even come close to her sister Janat Mirza Lee’s status. The huge clothes corporations, on the other hand, are behind them. A single product video costs more than $300,000 to produce. Not only is TikTok Star famous, but he also has over nine lakh Instagram followers.

Areeka Haq 

Areeka Haq is a Pakistani model. On Tiktok, Areeka Haq creates additional slow-motion videos. On Tiktok, Six Point has almost six million followers. She also has the title of Pakistan’s most gorgeous TikTok user. However, many people believe that Areeka’s beauty comes from her make-up in videos. In reality, this is not the case. What are your thoughts on this, friends, in the comments? With so many Instagram followers, brands all around the world are clamoring to hire them. They are, however, uninterested in money. They can make at least ten to twelve lakh rupees if they join the industry.

Hayyat Sehar

The world of enchantment comes to life. TikTok has 6.1 million users. Their beauty is the reason for their fame. Sehar Hayat is a choreographer who creates dance videos. She also performs film dances. Price is among his devotees. Haq is a Pakistani model. On TikTok, Arika Haq creates additional slow-motion films. On his ticket, Six Point has almost six million followers. He also enjoys the distinction of being Pakistan’s most attractive ticket bearer. However, many people claim that Erica only looks stunning in videos when she is wearing make-up.


Phollu is a name that needs no introduction. Tauqeer Abbas is Phollu’s true name, and he is 31 years old. Which is the best illustration of how, if a person’s heart is gentle and his intentions are clear, God will reward him generously. There was once a farmer in Phollu Mandi Bahauddin who made a living off of other people’s land. On his phone, someone showed him a TikTok video.

Phollu’s inner actor also awoke as a result of this. When Phollu had free time while working in the field, he used to make films on TikTok with the help of a friend. His celebrity stems from recordings he shot in his youth in which he fractured an Englishman’s leg. On Tiktok, Phollu has 8.6 million followers. Phollu charges Rs 150,000 to make a video for any brand, according to a source.

Ali Fayaz 

The majority of Ali Fayyaz’s videos are popular. He rose to prominence after collaborating with Sahar Hayat on videos. On Tiktok, the duo was well-received. In addition, the duo collaborated on a music record. On Tiktok, Ali Fayyaz has 4.8 million followers. Fayyaz Ali, according to a source, costs Rs 100,000 to create a video for any brand.

Fashion Dolly

Before entering the TikTok realm, Dolly Fashion had its own ladies’ salon. She became well-known for her stunning eyes and hair. Humaira Asghar is her true name. She’s also a professional model who’s appeared in a few songs and runs her own make-up school. On Tiktok, Dolly has 5.5 million followers. At the same time, she is a fantastic actress, which is why so many of her fans want to snap photos with her. A post costs one lakh rupees to send. Let us know in the comments if you want to make money like them.


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