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Gamification for Hiring Candidates – Gamification plays an important role in recruiting. In 2004 Google gave the opportunities to masses of solve series equations. If someone gives their 100% and solves that equation, he will become the candidate. Either it is Google or candidates, both of them get the benefits. 

It is because candidates get the chance of enjoying the game. On the other side, Google gets the opportunity of attracting the pre-screened and top-notch quality of applicants. Additionally, there are various companies that have done one experiment. 

In this experiment, they give the opportunity to candidates to prove their mettle. When it comes to hiring, you can go here to the top Dubai hiring agency.

Gamification for Hiring Candidates

Variety of games:

When it comes to gamification in recruiting, it does not mean that it has one kind of game. Google gives the preference to public riddles for attracting candidates. Additionally, the game can be in the form of an online quiz or a challenge. 

It can be the coding tests that are provided by the companies such as Workable’s partner HackerRank and Codility. In this, candidates will have to solve the various online programming exercises. Gamification for Hiring Candidates

Different hiring stages with the same game 

If you want to start the gamification for the hiring process, you need to think about at which stage you will ask the candidates for playing the game. Additionally, gamification will be fruitful in the ‘job application’ and ‘assessment’ hiring stages. If you go here for top Dubai hiring agency, you get plenty of benefits. Gamification for Hiring Candidates

The game can take the place of the application form 

You have the opportunity to ask their employees about playing the games instead of demanding the resumes and cover letters. Here comes the list of some advantages of it. Gamification for Hiring Candidates

  • The candidates who complete the game are highly motivated.    

It is a fact that job seekers send resumes without noticing either the company and job designation is for them or not. On the other hand, playing the game is not a cup of tea for everyone. But, it requires a lot of effort and commitment. 

If someone plays the game well, it will lessen most of the burden. Due to it, they can focus on the more relevant applications. 

  • Easily figure out the people without much experience

No one can deny the fact that resumes cannot reveal all the things about the candidates. For instance, you cannot figure out their skills and abilities. But if they play the games, you can find out their actual skills, how they think, and so on. To find out their skills, gamification is one of the best ways. Gamification for Hiring Candidates

  • Find the people of diverse experience 

Choosing the candidate on the basis of experience is not a bad thing but ignoring the ones who have the potential of changing the industry is wrong. There are chances that these people have different transferrable skills and the ability to adapt to new things. Gamification for Hiring Candidates

With the help of games, candidates can showcase their actual competencies and abilities. 

  • Engage the candidates

To make the hiring process great and interactive, considering the gamification is best. You can engage the candidates with different games. Further, you can give an explanation about each step to the candidates. By it, candidates can clear all of their doubts and play the game effectively. Gamification for Hiring Candidates

How to apply Gamification to the recruitment process? 

The way of applying is not bounded by one or two ways. But, here comes the list of some prominent ways to give the interview process a gamified approach. Gamification for Hiring Candidates

Employee Referrals 

Gamification in recruitment is useful for encouraging the current workers for sharing the different kinds of opportunities. You can understand it by the internal referral scheme. More and more audiences will come to know about it. 

With the help of gamifying employee referrals, the engagement of employees will surge. It offers a fun competition and provides a reward system to the team. Gamification for Hiring Candidates

Leaderboards & Dashboards 

The recruitment process of Gamification can be done appropriately via the leaderboards and dashboards. These have some predetermined goals and scoring sheets. Due to that, it will be easier to find out and hire the top applicant. You have the option of installing different kinds of games and playing them. Gamification for Hiring Candidates

Virtual sourcing of candidates

Recruiters give preference to different internet technologies for creating great virtual job affairs. It is one of the ideal ways to attract potential candidates. Due to it, while playing the games candidates perform better. If the hirer likes their gameplay, they get the job too. Gamification for Hiring Candidates

Progress charts

You have the option of considering the progress bar in the gamification process to see where each candidate stands. It will make your recruiting process easier and grateful. As it is visible, candidates will also come to know about their progress and further do the practice. Due to it, they perform better in the next round and give their 100%.

How does gamification help in the hiring process? 

There are various ways by which gamification is helpful in the hiring process. Here comes the list of those ways. 

Diversify the team 

The majority of the team signifies that they give the priority to diversity for improving the culture. On the other hand, if it is a matter of finding the real talent, most of the firms play it by the ear. The recruiters spend the time looking at the CV. Further, they make some decisions and give it the name of intuition. What they do is overlook the ideal data and complete the hiring on cultural fit. Gamification for Hiring Candidates

Test how the candidate will react in the real-time

Interviews are categorized as the short process of hiring the ideal candidate for the specific job. But you cannot deny the fact that the things candidates said in the interview are well-rehearsed and crammed. 

If you ask a few off-topic unexpected questions, they may face problems in giving the answer. If the recruiter goes here for a top Dubai hiring agency, they get plenty of knowledge about gamification. Gamification for Hiring Candidates

But the gamification is fruitful in checking the reaction about how candidates react in real-time. It can be related to designing, thinking, and empathy. Due to it, recruiters will come to know which candidate is ideal for which position. 

Screen for the specific skills

The hiring managers know that candidates are not best in each field. Some of the candidates do not have great communication skills while some are highly educated. But gamification will resolve all of these problems. 

With the help of it, candidates get the chance of demonstrating their skills in a stress-free environment. Due to it, you will be able to screen the specific skills. 

Improve the candidate experience 

It is a fact that great candidate experience is important for better quality talents, the best employer brand, and so on. The interview process of gamification can be fruitful for candidates to come to know plenty of things about the company. Due to that, they will be able to find the right fit job. 

How to choose the games and vendors wisely? 

It is not easy to evaluate the vendor when you have plenty of options. Do not stress about it, if you have the confusion. Here comes the list of checklists that you can keep in your mind when it is a matter of choosing the games and vendors.

  • Solid research against the games
  • Ways of improving their products with the new data and methods
  • How do they represent the results of their existing customers? 
  • The difficulty level of the games or easy to understand
  • Either the design of their game is attractive or not
  • They have a clear-cut strategy regarding the ways that games can be used.
  • The price is either in the budget that you are looking for or not. 

So, these are some effective tips that will help you a lot in finding the best vendor. With the help of the above-mentioned information, you get plenty of knowledge about gamification and hiring criteria. 

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