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Session Border Controller or SBC solution is an excellent technology used by a number of companies in the telecom and communication field. The SBC software facilitates a secure way for the VoIP network of the enterprises by allowing them to control the types of calls that can be placed via the VoIP networks. As data security and quality have become an essential requirement of today’s businesses, the demand for SBCs will continue to rise. By 2022, the SBC market is expected to be worth $528.4 million.

How Session Border Controller Works?

When talking about a session in IP telephony, it is simply a set and broadcast of packets of signal data and media streams. On the other hand, the border is the point where one network ends and the other starts. When a session sends packets of voice data, the data travels through the global Internet from one system’s LAN to another system’s LAN. The SBC software solution presents at the border of these transmissions and after analyzing various factors, the solution decides the right way to route the incoming data.

SBC is an ideal device for advanced VoIP networks, offering superior signaling control and high-quality media streaming. The solution prevents VoIP networks from various possible threats and hack attempts including DOS (Denial of Service), DDoS (Destructive Denial of Services), and toll frauds. The SBC software solution is usually deployed at carrier interconnects and both the network edge, the borders between their users and other service providers.

The SBC solution plays an important role in the security of SIP trunking. In today’s distributed and hybrid solutions that comprise both the on-premises and cloud-based systems to support geographically dispersed users, toll fraud, DDoS attacks, and other cybersecurity threats can be considered as real risks when connecting the phone system to an IP network. SBC is usually the starting point for SIP Trunking that facilitates secure VoIP connectivity between the enterprise and the Service Provider.

Features of SBC Software Solution

Some of the key features of SBC software solution include:

  • Topology and Carrier hiding
  • Protocol validation
  • Flexible SIP header manipulation
  • Signaling protocol inter-working (SIP, SIP-T, and H.323)
  • Carrier tech prefix insertion / removal
  • Configurable called/calling party address manipulation
  • Codec transcoding
  • DTMF interworking (RFC2833, Inband and SIP INFO)

Benefits of Session Border Controller Solution

Some of the key benefits of SBC software solution are:

  • Safeguards data and Boost Security: SBC software solutions make data highly secure by replacing the addresses of internal components and encrypting the information. This way, it becomes very difficult for hackers to hack any information or target VoIP networks. The network devices will be prevented from all sorts of malicious attacks such as Denial-of-Service attacks (DoS), Destructive Denial of Services (DDoS), tunneling, injection, etc.
  • Improves Communication: Apart from making the data fully secure, the SBC solution ensures enhanced communication by facilitating the best possible route to deliver a call to its final location.
  • Provide Media Services: With SBC software solution, users can easily send better-quality media through built-in Digital Signal Processors (DSPs). To prevent the chances of fraud, the SBC replaces the SDP address with its own address to support NAT while allowing only authorized users to send media traffic.
  • Intelligent Call Routing: SBC software is a smart solution that assures that the call is routed to the correct person or department. This intelligent call routing helps to boost customer satisfaction.
  • Assures Regulatory Compliance: The service providers in the telecom sector have to deal with a variety of regulations. They need to keep track of calls, monitor calls, record calls, or even intercept calls that are suspected as unauthorized. Apart from this, they also need to keep a watch over the media. By implementing the SBC software solution, the service providers can easily manage and handle media and signals.


SBC software solution is highly beneficial for the security of VoIP network and data of an internal network. It facilitates a smooth, efficient, and reliable communication process and that too at the most reasonable rate. So, if you are planning to implement SBC, consider the types of systems you want to connect and the level of security required to manage the communication system.


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