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Made in India Mobile Phones – Despite the flourish of foreign mobile phones, Indian Mobile Brands continue to rise in popularity and demand. Slowly India has succeeded in capturing the global smartphone market. Those who are not familiar with the Indian mobile market will be surprised to know that this market is likely to grow further. In addition to this, consumers are waking up to the National brands. 

The past decade has seen strong demand for foreign mobile phones in the Indian market. However, that has completely changed. Modern-day smartphone consumers don’t get swept over by big brands. Instead, modern mobile phone buyers look for functionality and cost. The top 10 mobiles selling in India are mostly midrange phones manufactured by Indian companies. 

Made in India Mobile Phones

Top 10 Indian Mobile Brands – Made in India Mobile Phones

The last few years have been suitable for the Indian Mobile Brands. More and more smartphone consumers are turning towards Indian brands. Keeping up with the demand and requirements, Indian brands offers hi-tech features and to-die-for prices. Here you will find a detailed list of the top 10 mobiles made in India. 

  1. Micromax (Made in India Mobile Phones)

Those looking for a good quality smartphone for an affordable price will no doubt opt for Micromax. The mobile company won the hearts of the consumers by combining phones and tablets at the launching stage. 

  1. Intex Technologies (Made in India Mobile Phones)

After Micromax, Intex is the second most loved mobile phone brand. It has created a big stir in the Indian mobile market at the time of its launch. This is another brand that offers pocket-friendly, high-quality phones. 

  1. Xol

Many will express their surprise at the mention of Xolo in this list. However, Xolo is an Indian brand, an introduction of the renowned brand Lava. Xolo offers affordable smartphones with hi-tech features. Consumers may also look for Xolo laptops and tablets. The brand has gained its fame by offering functional electronic devices which last for a long time. 

  1. Lava (Made in India Mobile Phones)

Lava International emerged out in the Indian mobile market a long time ago. However, it did not take long for this brand to make itself known to the consumers. Like its counterpart Xolo, Laval phones too became famous for their elegant designs and low price.

  1. LYF (Made in India Mobile Phones)

LYF did not have to struggle to make a place for itself in the consumers’ hearts. Being one of the leaders in 4G smartphone manufacturing market LYF’s fame has been instant. LYF is one of the leading mobile phone makers of India. 

  1. Karbon (Made in India Mobile Phones)

Karbon is famous for its line of low-range phones. Since its inception, the mobile brands have clung to budget phones with upgraded features. Even today, Karbon mobiles come for a jaw-dropping low price. Despite the low price, Karbon has not deprived its consumers. Mobile buyers with a tight budget will get large 6-inch HD displays at a very affordable range. 

  1. Spice 

Since its launch, Spice has eyed the budget phone market. For this reason, Spice mobiles come at an affordable price. These pocket-friendly mobiles provide elegant designs and advanced features so that the consumers don’t feel deprived. 

  1. Smartron

It is another famous Indian smartphone brand. Smartron has not kept itself limited by smartphones only. Along with smartphones, the brand manufactures laptops and tablets. Even though new to the Indian market, Smartron has already gained a long list of faithful customers.  

  1. IBall 

IBall is a well-known Indian brand. Apart from mobiles, this brand manufactures laptops and tablets. 

  1. IKall

IKall has created its place in the Indian mobile industry by providing good-looking smartphones at a low price. The brand has launched a long line of smartphones since its inception. The low-cost phones offer a wide range of advanced features to woo buyers.The members of Bajaj Finserv EMI Network will get many benefits while shopping for the Indian Mobile Brands using the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card. This card offers you a credit limit of up to Rs 4 lakh along with credit cards, personal loans, and business loans. Please check your eligibility for the pre-approved offers. 


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