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TEC certification, is the only way if you’re someone interested in importing telecom products and selling them on the Indian market, you first have to get TEC certification. It’s the approval given by the Telecommunication Engineering Centre who only gives it after testing those products and see if they match up with the standards set by the Telecommunication department.

To file the application for that TEC approval, you must know how to navigate the TEC website. Generally, you’d see some general details that you have to input, but remember, when it comes to TEC approval certificate, you’re dealing with a government website. And when it comes to them, there are always more details required than appear before you.

Thus, through this article, we are going to tell you an important part of the TEC certification process, and that’s profile creation. Our hope is that once you’ve created this profile, you’d be able to take the rest of the steps on your own and get the rights to import your telecom product in India.

Registering as a user

One of the most common and the most important aspect of TEC certification in India is registering as a user. Following are the steps you need to take for profile creation:

  • Go to the official TEC or Telecommunication Engineering Centre Portal
  • Click on the button that allows you to register
  • Enter your name, username and password.
  • You’ll be sent an OTP
  • Enter your OTP to get to the next section

The next section is where things change when it comes to TEC certification. Profile creation is impossible without the proper authorization. You’ll now see that the portal has requested you to upload the authorization documents. They are as follows:

  • Authorization letter authorizing the Indian OEM
  • Authorization letter by the Indian OEM authorizing and AIR (Authorized Indian representative)

An authorized Indian representative is an expert who has been hired by the foreign company (one who is exporting the telecom product) to file the TEC certification application.

Once you upload the above-mentioned documents, the portal will create your user profile.

But that doesn’t mean your profile is complete

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Editing the details of the profile

Since you’re on the TEC portal, your goal is to go through the TEC certification process. It requires that you input all the necessary details that allows you to access your application. Thus, once you’re at your dashboard, you’d need to input the following details to finally start the application process:

  • Your name: Make sure that your name matches with the one you’ve mentioned in the authorization letter
  • Designation: The authorized representative of the company has some designation. Specify it in a correct fashion.
  • Authorization letter: Upload the authorization letter
  • Name of the company: The importer’s company needs to specified in this section.
  • Website’s URL: In case your company has a website, you need to provide the URL of the same.
  • Certificate of incorporation: Upload the certificate of incorporation of your company in the appropriate section.
  • Land line number: It might be nigh impossible for some because “who has landline anymore”
  • Mobile number: Enter your contact details
  • Type of application: Mention whether you’re an Indian OEM or an AIR.
  • Communication address so that the TEC can reach out to you
  • State in which lies your registered office

Submit these details and your profile will be created. It’s then that you can’t file the application for TEC certification.


To get TEC certification, you apply online. What is TEC certification? It’s the permission to import telecom products. How to get the TEC certificate? The process of long and enduring, but now you know how to start it properly.


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