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Tax Relief Attorneys

We will be discussing tax relief attorneys in this post. We understand that each tax issue that comes through our business is as distinct as the person facing it. The method of resolution could vary based on the particular circumstance. This is why we must provide tailored, efficient, and designed advice to help you save thousands. Since the start of the business in 2002, the company’s founder and CEO, Kathy Hill, has kept her promises to herself, her team, and her customers by giving individual attention and ethical guidance to every customer. With this with her in mind Tax, Tiger continues to vigorously fight the IRS and build lasting relationships with its clients.

Tax Resolution

The world of tax resolution isn’t an easy job. In Particular, you must understand the function and significance of the tax relief lawyer. Tax relief attorneys specialize in IRS tax dues and will work closely with the IRS to ensure you get the most effective resolution. The amount of information the tax relief lawyer can draw upon is limitless and crucial in ensuring you receive the best outcome possible in your tax situation. Apart from the obvious reasons to hire an expert tax relief lawyer, the client might also require protection from the IRS. IRS tax attorneys know how to ensure you are not intimidated, savage, or in the dark by the IRS will aggressively represent you. Tax Relief Attorneys

Since we are discussing tax relief attorneys. IRS tax professionals who examine a case keeping the specifics of your circumstance in mind. Much more than any other tax lawyers know the details of tax dues relief and how to avoid frequent tax pitfalls and errors. More than 70,000 pages of tax codes are available in the United States alone. This means it’s almost impossible to understand an individual’s tax situation accurately without a professional on the team who has spent an entire career acquiring knowledge of these laws. Tax Relief Attorneys  

The most skilled tax attorneys know that the IRS can confiscate your clients’ bank accounts, collect your pay, and even sell your possessions. The tax attorneys from The Strom Law Firm will intervene on your behalf and put your tax problems and IRS debts on hold while we examine your situation to determine the best method to solve your tax issues. Tax Relief Attorneys

Tax Relief Lawyers

We represent people as well as small companies who:

  • are not filing their tax returns.
  • You are in the middle of an IRS tax audit by the IRS.
  • The IRS is confiscating assets.
  • They are currently being investigated as criminals
  • You are an innocent spouse of someone who has been in legal trouble. IRS
  • Have received an IRS Levy Notice
  • We will address your tax problems and will work to:
  • Stop the garnishment of your wages
  • Stop a bank levy and the foreclosure process
  • Eliminate any tax lien
  • Remove interest and penalty charges. If criminal charges are filed, we will be able to provide
  • Criminal tax fraud defense

Based on the circumstances of your circumstance, There are a variety of ways to seek debt relief. We’ll work to resolve your tax debt with the IRS or the South Carolina Department of Revenue in a fraction of the amount you have to pay. Structuring Repayment through the IRS

Non-collectible Status

 If you don’t have enough money to repay tax debts and require your full paycheck to pay for all your essential living costs, you might be qualified to see your loan as non-collectible. Tax Relief Attorneys

If you are eligible for non-collectible status If you are eligible, the IRS will stop paying your taxes for a time to allow you to return to work and support your family. Tax Relief Attorneys

Installment agreements

 If you want to negotiate an agreement for installments, it is necessary to submit IRS financial reports and other documents that prove your financial standing and ability or your inability to pay. The amount of your tax refund and the length of time you pay will be contingent on the amount you owe to the IRS. We will be discussing more about tax relief attorneys in this blog post Tax Relief Attorneys

IRS Debt Reduction Aid

The IRS doesn’t want to let you know that as a taxpayer, you might be able to pay your tax bill less than what you have to pay.

  • We can assist you in determining whether you’re qualified to:
  • An offer that is a compromise
  • An IRS penalty reduction
  • Abatement of penalty
  • A tax lien or tax levy release
  • DO NOT talk with SC Department of Revenue Investigators.

Our clients frequently inform us that they talk to investigators because they believe they don’t have anything to conceal. If you’re confronted by an investigator and unsure what to do, consult an attorney for the criminal defense to discuss how to move forward. Please don’t fall for the false impression that it’s okay to speak to the police. While your intentions might be right, your actions could be twisted and result in the arrest of you and other charges. Tax Relief Attorneys

Tax Relief Options

The search for options to reduce tax burdens can create anxiety in your daily life. The longer you put off taking action to tackle your tax issues, the more severe they will become. Tax debt could cause you to be subject to the levy, garnishment, or the possibility of liens as your debt grows through interest and penalties. Tax Relief Attorneys

Offer in Compromise

Since we are discussing tax relief attorneys. The IRS will not wish to inform you that as a taxpayer, you might be able to pay your tax bill in a lesser amount than what is due. A compromise offer is a contract with the IRS. It helps taxpayers settle their legal liability for what they owe to the IRS. Tax lawyers from The Strom Law Firm can help determine if you are qualified to receive an Offer in Compromise. We’ll do our best to make an offer in compromise for just a tiny fraction of what you have to pay. Tax Relief Attorneys

The IRS allows the following kinds of the offer in compromise:

  • Doubt regarding responsibility – When the person who owes the tax can demonstrate that there’s doubt about the tax amount the IRS claims you owe.
  • Doubt regarding collectability If the debtor can prove that it is unlikely that the amount of tax owed ever be fully paid.

Effective Tax Administration, The debtor, is not arguing that they are owed the number of claims that they are unable to pay the debt; instead, the bargaining is founded on the principle of public policy that it will cause economic hardship or is unfair. This kind of exemption is generally utilized when a person is suffering from a disability or long term illness or when the repayment of the debt through taking possession of the property is a way to make it impossible for the taxpayer to afford the essential living expenses. Tax Relief Attorneys

Penalty Abatement

If you have a debt to the IRS, you could be required to pay penalties and interest on the amount due. Penalties can be overwhelming and turn a manageable debt into a tense and uncontrollable one. Penalty Abatement is a policy developed by the IRS that permits taxpayers to get their tax penalties reduced or eliminated. To qualify for eligibility, you need to have an adequate reason to justify your decision and demonstrate why you didn’t complete an income tax return or settle the tax that you owed. If you’re innocently married, took advice from an accountant, were suffering from health issues, or have an adequate justification, you could be eligible for tax abatement.

Wage Garnishment Bank Levy and Lien Releases

The IRS has enormous power and can take your assets, including your paycheck and any funds you hold in your account. If you cannot meet your essential living expenses, like your rent, mortgage, or vehicle payment, we can help obtain the tax levy or tax lien lifted.

Unfiled Returns

If you’ve earned a profit, you can submit your income tax returns to the Internal Revenue Service. Most people do not submit income tax returns due to different reasons. Our tax experts can assist you in solving the issue of tax returns that are not filed.

The IRS keeps all forms, W2s 1099s, W2s, and 1098s, that are filed for the benefit of individuals for six years. Our firm can help prepare any tax returns that are not filed by accessing details from your tax documents from the previous year and reviewing the bank’s records and any other documents related to finances. You must file your tax return to keep interest from accruing. Tax Relief Attorneys

IRS Audit Representation

Our tax attorneys can assist you in the course of an IRS audit. The IRS could audit you in any year and find out that you owe more than the amount you originally paid for. If the IRS investigates you and finds issues, it will likely be auditing you for another two years.

IRS audits can be complicated and time-consuming. Our tax attorneys can assist you in reviewing all your documents and representing you before the IRS to ensure that you’re treated fairly. We will work hard to achieve a positive outcome for you. If the IRS finds that you owe more funds, we can assist you throughout this process and seek a possible resolution of the tax debt.We will discuss Tax Relief Attorneys more in this post Tax Relief Attorneys

Payroll Tax

If you run (or previously owned) a business that employs staff, you must pay payroll tax (Form 941, also known as Employer Withholding Tax) to the government. It is crucial to make these payments and try to settle any outstanding problems as soon as you can. In the event of not paying these taxes, it could result in you having to pay penalties and interest. If taxes remain unpaid, the IRS may seize your business’s properties and demand it be shut down. Even if your company is shut down, however, the IRS will not stop at you to pay the tax. This can result in financial difficulties for you and your family. Tax Relief Attorneys

The IRS actively pursues enforcement of the law on payroll taxes. If you’ve been unable to pay the tax get in touch with our tax attorneys immediately. Tax lawyers will assist you in getting back on track and resolving your tax problems immediately.

Instances of non-collectible status

If you don’t have enough income to pay off your tax debt and use your entire salary to cover your living costs, you might be classified as debt on non-collectible status.

If you’re eligible for non-collectible status If you qualify, the IRS will stop your payments for a time, allowing you to return to work and support your family.

Installment Agreements

An installment agreement allows you, as a taxpayer, to sign an agreement with IRS to make a series of smaller, less manageable payments toward your tax obligations.

The amount of your installment and the length of time you can make payments will be contingent on the amount you owe to the IRS. To negotiate an agreement for installments, it is necessary to submit your IRS financial reports and other financial documents that prove your financial standing, ability, and inability.

Don’t put off paying the penalties and interest you have to pay the IRS to keep rising. Call the IRS tax solutions lawyer with The Strom Law Firm, LLC now for a no-cost consultation on ways we can assist you in getting your IRS debt in the past.

Remember: Filing the income tax returns through IRS IRS will not be the same that filing one at the South Carolina Department of Revenue. South Carolina Department of Revenue. Two distinct procedures require a distinct procedure.

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