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The fuse box in our house is there so that it can protect from overloads and power surges which generally gives rise to electrical fires. If there is an overload within the system due to an electrical power surge then the fuse will blow but it will not allow the power to flow into the device. If the fuse blows then it shuts the power of that section. Wiring a fuse box is something which one should not try on its own unless and until he or she has a piece of good knowledge on it or is comfortable around electricity.  

If you are staying in London then inform Electric Works London about the issue or else you can follow these steps. The steps are: –

Step 1: find out the amperage load

Find out the correct amperage load then you need for your house before you buy a new fuse box. The best thing to do is to consult a professional electrician to know the figure. Knowing the actual number is important as there are different levels of fuse boxes available in the market. Once you get to know the amount of load it can take off your home then you can make slight changes in the future. The fuse box that is there right now will also have the amperage level if it is not too old. 

Step 2: purchase the correct fuse box

Once you come to know the current amperage load it will help you to purchase the right one. Buy it from a good place that will not fool you by giving something of a different amperage load. Invest in a good one, do not try to cut down money for buying a fuse box.

Step 3: Disconnect electrical power from the main meter

After purchasing the right fuse box now, the actual task starts. First and foremost, disconnect the power box for wiring a fuse board. If you forget to disconnect the power then there can be small accidents here and there. Switch off all the electrical appliances and then check all the rooms to see that the power is off. 

Step 4: remove the fuses

There are fuses in the current box that you are using now, so do not forget to remove them. This will make the box lighter and it will make sure that there is no problem while working.

Step 5: Disconnect all the wires

After removing the fuses then your next work is to disconnect all the wires that connect to each terminal. To do this use a screwdriver, see that it is loose. Remove each wire carefully and mark them at the same time because when you are going to install the new fuse box you need to fix the wires as well. Use colourful tapes to wrap it so that you remember, this is for some time while you are working. You can also use a marker pen that is easy to remember or click a photograph and keep. If you forget to connect the wires then it will give rise to different problems.

Step 6: removing the current fuse box

To remove the fuse box from its location, use a screwdriver. Check whether there is any moisture on the walls or not. There could be debris as well, clean them before installing the new one. Try to identify them, a professional electrician can find these things easily. 

Step 7: installing and wiring the new one

Now set the new fuse box in the current location and then attach it to the wall. You need to use the same sets of wires that you removed a few minutes ago from the old box because you need to connect them to their actual terminals. Carefully and slowly wrap the wires and then tighten the screws. Be very careful during this time to see that there are no-fray wires or any breakage at the ends. 

Step 8: Install the new fuse box

This is the final step where you need to complete the entire task. You need to wire the fuse box and then connect it with the main power. Double-check and see that the fuse is working properly. See all the rooms and the appliances as well. 

If you are ready to wire a fuse box all by yourself then it is a good thing, just be confident about it. Well, it really does not cost much to call a professional worker. He will charge only for his service and if he purchases anything for this job. Remember this is a matter of your life so do not try to be thrifty about it. the best option is to inform Electric Works London, they do not charge much. 


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