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Nextdoor clone app: Want to make your business more successful in this pandemic? And do you want to stand out in your business with a uniqueness? I think you have jumped into the right track. Here, I will be discussing an app that helps your customers to thicken their relationships even when they are sitting inside their home.

 In this pandemic time, everyone are inside their house most of the time. In most of the places, especially in the flats no one knows who lives beside them until a monthly flat gets together. Even in the residential area where there are homes attached to each other they won’t be knowing them, because they don’t have time to go and  start a conversation. Now, when we are locked inside our houses we have no ways in front of us to meet and know them. This is where apps like Nextdoor clone can help you. I know you are here to settle these problems for your customers by launching the next door app. But, as an entrepreneur who haven’t launched any app prior to this, you might have certain doubts regarding,

1. What actually is a Nextdoor clone app?

2.What are the exciting features?

3.  Who benefits from this app?

4.  How do you monetize through apps like these?

5.  What is the cost of launching such apps?

 I guessed it. Because these are the most common doubts every entrepreneur will have when they contact us before launching an app. All this will be answered. Just stick on!

What is the Nextdoor clone app?

The Nextdoor clone app is known as a “hyper-local” social networking platform. In a given perimeter your customers can get connected with their neighborhood. We have many social media platforms that connect people globally, where we can see many strangers becoming friends and family and more people getting connected. But this Nextdoor app is more targeted and lets users connect and learn more about their neighbors. So this app lets the neighbors connect with each other and helps to have a good relationship.

 What are the exciting features?

  •       Easy registration- users can easily login to the account by just uploading their name, plot no/house no and few more details.
  •     Profile settings- users can modify their profile completely according to their wish.  They can make changes and customize and make a feel of their own.
  •       Add recommendations- users can upload recommendations to their friends in the locality.
  •       Upload notices- if there are any announcements to be made, the users can upload those notices in the bulletin board.
  •       Upload invitations- the users can upload invitations with schedules to their friends and neighbors in the area.
  •       Social media integration- users can integrate their social media account with the app.
  •       Map of the neighborhood- a detailed map is available which helps to navigate and locate anything in the locality.
  •       Virtual town hall meeting- allows virtual town hall meetings where a large number of people can join. Meetings can be held to discuss things about their community.
  •   dashboard- can navigate the app and view the history of their interactions with the easy to use dashboard
  •     Share posts- users can share posts from other users to help reach them better visibility using the sharing option.
  •       Privacy settings- users can control the privacy settings and set them according to their preferences.
  •       Group chat- users can start a group chat room registered in the locality. This is a very useful feature.
  •       Push notifications- associations can send other members any updates, messages and many more using the push notification option.
  •       New arrivals- shop owners in the locality can list the new arrivals in the catalog
  •       offer and deals- shop owners can give information regarding the offers and deals,
  •       Scheduled meetings- users can set up appointments and scheduled meetings on the app.

 Who benefits from this?

Three people basically get benefitted from this,

  •       Local residents- residents in the locality can make use of this app to connect with their neighbors, keep up events in the community, make friends and more. This app builds a sense of community.
  •       Neighborhood associations- nowadays we can see there are people who come front to bring a sense of community, holding events, and holding panels for discussions and more.
  •     Local residents- for doing businesses in the neighborhood this app can be a great help to get in touch with the existing customers and get new ones. Shop owners can keep the neighborhood updated with the latest happenings, and put out bulletins about the new arrivals, deals, offers and more.


  •       In-app advertising- the main source of revenue of the app comes from in-app advertising.  Companies in the locality, realtors, small businesses, and more can advertise their product for a fee.
  •     Subscription fees- it is completely free to use but some features will be available only for premium users. You can entice users with monthly or yearly subscription plans.
  •       Campaigns and fundraisers- You can raise funds for any cause, either profit or non-profit. Fundraising campaigns allows users to donate money to the admins of the app.

 The cost,

The cost of the app depends on many crucial elements like design of the app, feature-set, tools and framework, platform compatibility, resource working.

Summing up

Make your customers get connected with their neighbors in this pandemic. Give them the most happening days during this lockdown by launching a Nextdoor clone app. Contact the right app development company and soar high in the business. 


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