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2020 was the year of new beginnings for all of us. Although Covid-19 forced the world into a miserable state, some people viewed this as change for the better. People started adapting to the new and extraordinary ways to connect and network with people.

With that being said, in reference to event organizing, we saw a drastic shift in physical events taking place onto virtual platforms. As we move forward towards more technological advancement and a better improvement in the health crisis, we see the emergence of hybrid events in 2021.

2021 bought so much more than we expected, and people are still wondering what more can these event trends bring to the event industry. Or how these event trends will shape the future of the event industry? Will these fast-emerging trends eliminate the importance of in-person events?

Based on the market hype and latest statistics we believe:

  • Physical events will gain momentum once the pandemic crisis sums up.
  • As virtual events are a convenient platform, businesses will tend to take advantage of them.
  • Hybrid events amalgamate both in-person and online elements and are gradually gaining popularity. Hence it is going to stay for long.

Now let us understand these accelerating trends better and effectively.

Physical Events

After the outbreak of novel coronavirus, the world was shaken by its results. Event planners and organizers were forced to either cancel or postpone their upcoming events completely as the new social distancing rule became mandatory. Although the situation seems to normalize slowly, it is wise that in-person gatherings remain on hold until the government announces any further notice.

Amidst that, with the second wave of the virus hitting the world exponentially and the rollout of the vaccines has just begun, it is better to avoid conducting events in a physical venue.

But if there is any situation wherein you have to gather physically, make sure the attendance figure does not exceed and everyone in the group stays safe. To ensure safety you can make arrangements for PPE suits or face shields for your guests. You can also incorporate touchless tools to avoid any direct contact with any attendee. You can customize the look and feel of the physical venue right from registration to booths seamlessly.

Now you must know that holding an in-person event at such challenging times can be a little costlier and risky, but if the event aids to deduct all the elements that may initiate the spread of the virus, participants may be willing to attend your event.

If we look at the final view- the world still seems to fight against the new strains of the virus. It will be an impulsive decision to plan a physical event for a couple of more months. Physical events are expected to shine again after the second half of the year 2021.

Virtual Events

Practically speaking, virtual events have become an integral part of almost every individual’s life. It has saved many businesses from drowning and is expected to continue to do the same in the future or until the situation gets better.

Virtual events are a powerful weapon of attendees as well as event organizers as it has caught their viewers’ imagination across the globe. From the past year, virtual events have full-fledged enabled organizers to get in contact with people who they once thought impossible. The platform has also pushed them to the forefront of generating qualified leads, better ROI, and powerful connections with like-minded people.

As technology advances and new innovation kicks in, virtual events have been able to deliver immersive tools and tactics to organizers. While also offers platforms for any type of event to conduct though it is a large seminar or a conference, Trade shows & expos, festivals, business meetings, or whatever else. You just name it and the platform will have it all.

Given the situation of global pandemic improvement, it is likely to believe that in-person events may make a cautious comeback. Yet many are still skeptical about attending those events as the situation is still averted.

Apart from that, people find virtual events more convenient and comforting, plus they are less expensive, make the world a better place to live, and lastly, eliminate all the geographical restrictions. One of the biggest advantages of hosting a virtual event is that you can seamlessly expand your audience reach while at the same time tune in more attendance.

Given the final view, hosting a virtual event will always be marketers’ first priority even after the pandemic vanishes as it breaks all the geographical barriers and generates leads.

Hybrid Events

Hybrid events are becoming the new normal as it involves both key elements to run any event- Physical and Digital. Seeing the current pandemic situation, a few countries are still bound with the lockdown credentials but other places have seen some improvement. Hence, people are willing to attend any physical event to reboot what they have lost. Others prioritize their home comfort and safety and prefer to participate in a virtual space.

Hybrid events strike this balance effectively, making it a useful and reliable platform for future events. Some other advantages of hybrid events are they are budget-friendly, enable hosts to seamlessly reach a wider spectrum of audiences, and sustainability. You can also re-watch the session in case you missed the important part of the session, greater flexibility, and improved engagement and sponsorship opportunities.

There are a plethora of reasons why hybrid events are immersively gaining popularity. According to some statistics, many event planners and attendees believe that hybrid events are more feasible and a better option from a health perspective.

Given the final viewpoint- Hybrid events are expected to grow more in the upcoming years. It has already begun to be the new way of conducting events as it is said to have the potential to become the most preferred and popular event amidst event experts and virtual audiences.

Over to you

As the world keeps evolving and new challenges come our way, it is important to keep up with the latest event trends and adapt to the changing times, needs and demands. However, the biggest lesson learned during this period is that situations can sometimes be unpredictable so you must be ready to come up with enticing ideas and innovations to avoid hindrance in the future.

If these events have benefited organizers, it has also derived some extraordinary advantages to audiences as well, as the platforms have uplifted their networking and learning skills in an effective and engaging manner.

So, while you stay constant and follow the emerging trends, ensure that you deliver the most immersive and memorable experience to your audience and enable them to take part in value-driven, productive and intriguing event activities.

Happy Reading!


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