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The newly launched Portronics Sound Drum Plus POR-1040 and first we’re gonna see what’s written on the box. We are going to move inside the box. So as you can see there are some specifications given about the speaker on the box. It is a 15-watt portable bluetooth speaker and you can see there is an image of the speaker itself and on the other side, you can see some specifications.

Inside the box:

It’s written one year warranty and it is also ipx6 water resistant. So now as we’ve read what’s written on the box we’re gonna move inside the box and see how the speaker feels in hand the packaging quality is damn good for the price. This is the user manual as you can see this is the charging cable. This type of c charging cable is not your traditional charging cable. They have upgraded to the USB type-c so there’s nothing else inside the box and this is your speaker.  

Build quality:

 On this speaker built well device, the whole shell on the speaker is made out of plastic and fabric the plastic. The speaker doesn’t feel cheap at all it feels very premium. I’m saying this because of the coating given to the plastic. It feels like rubber but this is plastic the upper part and the bottom part feel very high quality. The fabric also used on this speaker is very well put together in the panels the edges you can see it’s damn good photonic has done a great job. The weight of the speaker also gives you confidence when you hold the speaker about the build quality is damn good.


This is a very rough and tough speaker and at the back, as you can see you get the portronics branding. Over here and this thread is used to hold the speaker. It gives you a good grip when you pick the speaker up or you can hook the speaker to your bag or to your trekking cycle or wherever you can carry it this is a very useful thing. Over here this speaker when it comes to the design part. it is a very well designed speaker because this is a 15-watt speaker and It’s a fairly portable speaker this will very well fit in your luggage. It will not take a lot of space and you can see it because of the round design also this speaker is damn portable. If you can imagine a 15 watt speaker the traditional speaker in the square design the size of the speaker would be bigger. so the design part is also damn good protonix has thought a lot.


The feature list of the speaker feature-wise this Portronics Sound Drum  is fully loaded at this price point. I haven’t seen any speaker I am talking about any speaker which will give you this kind of feature list at the back. When you open the portronic flap over here you can see you you get the aux port. Over here you don’t get aux cable no one uses stocks but you don’t get it in your smartphone. Nowadays so you get a USB port also you can plug in your pen drive you get a USB type c port also this port is used for charging your device. This speaker gets the latest Bluetooth 5.0.  


We talk about the battery is also massive it is a 2500 mah battery which will give you a playtime of about six to seven hours at full volume at the full base. When the bc mode is on there at that time also but if you decrease the volume if you say like 60 70 percent of the volume. if you listening to music at that kind of volume the playtime will increase up to 8 hours this is that good.  

Sound quality:

The sound quality of Portronics Sound Drum is damn good. It’s very very good photonics never disappoints you when it comes to the sound quality of their speakers. I’ve i’ve unboxed a lot of speakers from photonics and different brands but photonics never disappoints me. When it comes to their speaker the sound quality is superb the bass is damn good the treble is superb. It will never distort and with the highest amount of bass you give it to the speaker the songs will be clear and crisp.

Bass mode and Treble mode:

This button over here the base button you have heard the difference between the bass mode and the treble mode. I will tell you that the base mode doesn’t make that big of a difference it might make a bit if you are a good listener you might catch a 10 15 percent the difference in base. It will increase the base for sure but the treble will go down I’m a person who wants bass and treble at the same level. So that I can hear them properly so in the normal mode which is default from the speaker itself it sounds very good the bass is super. In the normal world, it was vibrating it was moving from one place to another in the bass mode. It was doing the same job but the treble was low and the bass was more but it’s okay you got there you get lots of features on this speaker.

SO Conclusion:

It justifies the price of the Portronics Sound Drum and this is the best speaker I haven’t seen any other speaker which will give you this kind of build quality the design you want. Inside the box, no one will provide at this price point and the last and the main part which this speaker is useful right is called a speaker the sound on the speaker is damn good. It’s very good it will never distort it’s a superb speaker. It has great battery life.  


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