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Portable concrete trailer pump, as well recognized as concrete pump trailer, is composed of pump body as well as delivery pipe. MINLE brand name mobile concrete trailer pump is generally divided right into gate shutoff concrete pump trailer and also S valve concrete pump trailer.

How to make use of the Portable Concrete Trailer Pump

The Portable Concrete Trailer Pump ought to be placed on a solid as well as flat ground, with the sustaining legs down as well as the fuselage put smoothly.

It is ought to be checked before the operation to ensure that the electric tools and instruments are typical, the switch buttons and manage of all components are in the correct setting, the attaching points of the mechanical part are strong and reliable, the rigidity of the chain and also belt meets the given requirements, and the transmission part runs typically.

The concrete conveying pipeline joints will be snugly sealed as well as the pipe clips shall be firmly linked. Upright pipeline ought to be no less than 10 meters in front of the horizontal pipeline with a check valve, it was purely banned to link the upright pipeline straight to the concrete distribution pump outlet.

When dredging the blocked pipe, people around must be left. Prior to cleansing the pipe and also dismantling, backpumping approach should be adopted to get rid of the stress of the conveying pipeline. It is purely forbidden to pipe mouth to individual when dismantling.

Please put on not eliminate the receptacle grid and other safety and security tools throughout operation. Did not climb or ride the communicating pipeline, not place your hand into the valve body to function, not eliminate the pipe when pumping.

When cleaning up the pipe, the driver must leave the pipeline electrical outlet as well as flex joint. When cleaning up the pipe with compressed air, no one as well as equipment will be enabled within 10 meters of the pipe outlet.

After the operation, dump the hydraulic system as well as return all the control changes to the original setting.

Mobile Concrete Trailer Pump procedure and also attention
Concrete Trailer Pump procedure and focus
Mobile Concrete Pump operation and also interest
Piping layout of Portable Concrete Trailer Pump
The concrete shipment pipe of portable concrete trailer pump will be prepared according to the qualities of the task and building and construction website and also the concrete pouring plan. You ought to shorten the size of the pipeline, less elbow joint and pipe. The laying of distribution pipeline ought to guarantee risk-free building and construction, promote cleaning up pipeline, repairing as well as installation as well as disassembly upkeep.

Concrete shipment pipelines of the same diameter shall be made use of in the very same pipeline. When the 1-day and new areas are taken on at the same time, the brand-new pipe needs to be prepared at a location with greater pumping stress. The pipe should be arranged flat and up and down. A schematic illustration of pipeline format shall be drawn, the requirements and amounts of various pipe installations, pipe linking rings and arm joint pipelines shall be detailed, as well as a list of spare components will be recommended. The concrete delivery pipe need to be chosen according to the optimum fragment dimension of rugged aggregate, the type of mobile concrete trailer pump, the distribution range of concrete outcome, as well as the level of communicating difficulty. The distribution pipeline shall have a strength ideal for pumping conditions. The pipe section without split, bump and also flex should be made use of. Pipe joints shall be tight, solid enough to be promptly assembled and taken apart. When the minimum pipeline diameter of conveying pipe is l00mm, the optimum fragment size of crude accumulation can not exceed 30mm, as well as when the minimum pipe diameter is 125mm, the optimum bit dimension can not surpass 40mm. When piping up and down upwards, the size of horizontal pipe on the ground will not be less than 1/4 of the length of upright pipe, and will not be less than 15m, or follow the provisions of the product spec. A globe valve shall be set at the root of the conveying pipeline at the y-shaped pipe outlet 3 ~ 6m of the concrete pump to stop the heartburn of concrete mixture. When pumping below ground frameworks, the horizontal pipe axis on the ground needs to be perpendicular to the y-shaped pipe outlet axis. When likely down piping, exhaust valve should be set at the top end of inclined piping; When the height distinction is greater than 20m, a straight pipeline with 5 times the elevation distinction length must be evaluated the reduced end of the likely pipeline. The elbow joint pipe or ring pipe can be added to satisfy the need of 5 times the elevation distinction size if the problem is restricted. The fixation of concrete communicating pipe shall not be directly sustained on steel bars, formwork as well as installed parts. Horizontal pipeline shall be taken care of with brace, platform pad as well as sling at a particular distance, so regarding remove pipeline clog, install, take apart as well as clean the pipe. The upright pipeline needs to be repaired in the hole on the wall surface and the column or the roof of the flooring with embedded components. In the wall as well as column, each area of the pipeline ought to not be less than 1 set factor, in each floor piece openings ought to be taken care of. A flex at the lower end of a vertical pipeline need to not be used as an assistance point for an upper pipe. Suitable for steel support to birth the weight of upright pipeline. When the vertical pipeline is chosen the scaffold, the scaffold can be enhanced as required. There will be no leak of slurry at the clamp of pipeline joint. In warm period construction, it is a good idea to cover the concrete sharing pipeline with wet cloth and also cozy straw bag to stay clear of sunshine. Building in winter season, it is recommended to utilize insulation products to cover the kungfu soil sharing pipeline, to stop the concrete inside the pipeline from cold, and also to ensure the temperature level of concrete right into the mold and mildew. When the horizontal conveying distance is more than 200m, the upright sharing range is greater than 40m, the conveying pipe is up and down downward or the straight pipe is prepared in front of the inclined pipe, when the cement intake per unit of kungfei dirt mixture is less than 300kg/m3, the piping approach and pumping procedure should be fairly picked, it is advisable to make use of big diameter concrete communicating pipe as well as lengthy conelike pipeline, and also less elbow joint pipeline and also tube. Relay pump (follower pump) can be utilized for pumping when the communicating elevation surpasses the maximum communicating range of concrete pump. Additionally, according to the characteristics of design structure, construction modern technology, cloth demands and piping problems, the option of towel tools. The circulation equipment will be set up according to the dimension of the structure plane, the piping problem and the size of the cloth pole, and it will cover the whole framework airplane, and also the cloth will be dispersed uniformly and swiftly. The distributing equipment should be firmly and stably set up.

A schematic drawing of pipe layout will be attracted, the requirements and also quantities of numerous pipe installations, pipeline attaching rings and elbow pipelines shall be provided, and also a listing of spare parts shall be recommended. When the minimum pipeline diameter of sharing pipeline is l00mm, the maximum bit dimension of coarse accumulation can not go beyond 30mm, as well as when the minimum pipe diameter is 125mm, the maximum bit size can not exceed 40mm. When piping up and down upward, the size of straight pipeline on the ground shall not be less than 1/4 of the size of upright pipe, and also will not be much less than 15m, or conform with the provisions of the item spec. Straight pipeline shall be fixed with bracket, system pad and also sling at a particular distance, so as to get rid of pipe obstruction, mount, clean up the pipeline and also dismantle. When the straight communicating range is even more than 200m, the upright communicating distance is more than 40m, the conveying pipeline is up and down or the horizontal pipeline is arranged in front of the inclined pipeline, when the concrete consumption per device of kungfei soil mixture is much less than 300kg/m3, the piping approach and also pumping process needs to be sensibly selected, it is suggested to utilize large diameter concrete sharing pipeline and lengthy conelike pipeline, and also less joint pipe and also hose pipe.


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