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Multi Domain Hosting: Do you ever want to save money by buying multi-domain hosting for your several independent websites? Read on to overcome doubt regarding pros and cons of buying multi-domain hosting.

When shopping for a web hosting plan in Nepal, you will often see the providers boasting their plans offers multiple or even unlimited domains.

The impulse to get cheap hosting can strike at any moment. In the beginning, when you can’t afford that much. Or maybe it strikes in the middle, when you are just not satisfied with your current web host. Or even at the end, when your current host’s renewal price is too high, but you can’t find the solution what to do.

Then multi domain hosting plan comes.

This is a feature that is typically offered to customers who wants to host multiple domain from single cPanel account; single domain hosting shared hosting plans usually limit you to one domain per cPanel account.

For those with multiple websites, this sounds like a good idea; after all, paying NPR.1000 for three domains is better, financially speaking, than paying NPR.1000 for each website (monthly total: NPR.3000).

But, is multi domain hosting a good idea for hosting multiple news portal website? The simple answer is no, we don’t think so.

How Multiple Domains on One Account Works

A lot of web hosting service providers will only allow you to host a single domain or website on shared hosting plan providing single cPanel account. This works fine if you plan to host single website only. But later on when you need to host few more websites, you need to buy separate cPanel account for each of those additional domains/websites. For instance, if you own 5 domains, then you need to purchase for 5 cPanel accounts.

However, Multiple Domain Hosting allows you to host multiple domain names/websites, under a single cPanel account. Multiple Domain Hosting will definitely save you some money as you’re not paying for individual websites you own.

Aside from saving some good money, multi domain hosting also allows you to save time. Since all the domains would be hosted on the single cPanel account as addons domain, you can administer each domain simultaneously through the same control panel.

Do you provide hosting for multiple domains on single hosting account or cPanel?

Yeah, you can host multiple domains within our multi-domain hosting plan adding domains as addons under a single cPanel account.

Why You Shouldn’t Have Multiple Domains on One CPanel Account

Reason 1: No Isolation Against Technical Failures

When all of your websites are hosted in a single cPanel account, where there isn’t really any separation between the various hosted domains/websites, any technical failure might impact the uptime of each hosted website under the same account.

Even many unlimited accounts and web space service provider tend to restrict your usage after a certain point of time. And if your one website is a resource hog, this might all affect the performance of other running websites under the same cPanel account as they’ll not have the resources they need to stay online.

Reason 2: Prone to Declining Performance

As your websites are all sharing your cpanel account resources equivalently both in terms of hardware and software. If your one site requires A and B, and another one requires X and Y, then you’ll need all A, B, X and Y to be installed under the same account. This doesn’t impact much while there are low traffic on your websites. However, as the site grows, the decline in performance of your website is imminent in this scenerio thus causing slower page load times.

In many cases, having all of these installed and available to your websites isn’t a problem. However, as your websites grow, this might contribute to declining performance on the part of your websites (including slower page load times). It’s most efficient to have only what you need installed and running.

This requires website resources separation to operate in the optimal condition especially for news portal websites in Nepal.

Reason 3: Security Concern

If any unauthorized party receives access for your cPanel account, all your websites hosted under the same account may get hacked at a time.

However, purchasing single domain hosting, on the other hand, might add some extra security as all your sites are not prone to threat because of separate cPanel accounts for each domains/websites.

Summary: Multi Domain Hosting in Nepal

It can be tempting to host multiple domains on single cPanel account, due to the cost savings purpose. However, it might cost you even more on the long run because of loss of site visitors when your hosted websites are impacted for various reasons and for security reasons, that make opting multiple domain hosting a bad idea. Instead, we recommend that you opt for reseller hosting accounts if you need to host one or more domains individually without having to worry much.

Happy Hosting!!!


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