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The modern technology that involves new regular bricks and mortar strategy has a simple set of rules that have the online plus physical mode. With the growth of telecom and internet technology, businesses are being transformed online, and the retailers are putting their efforts to gain online market share and increase their business. 

There are advantages to the physical stores as customers are more used to them, including customer experience, End-User / Consumer Service Offerings, and Consumer Long Term Relationships. The rise of online channels for retail markets available to complete each other and offer multiple and attractive services to their consumers. 

Many successful e-retailers provide a seamless customer experience using the latest technologies and all available shopping channels and are very popular. With time, these companies have gained their customer’s trust by providing quality services to fulfil their needs. Some of the surveys show that 78 % of consumers prefer to shop in-store, and they spend many times more in-store than online. 

Domain / Hosting = Right Website Traffic 

As per the strategy above, for setting up the Online business, we will need hosting. As not the normal hosting but hosting with a robust set of qualities of loading the website timings and another aspect essential for generating the right track of website traffic. 

The Right Hosting as AMG Host lending the right set of services that is standing perfect on the place of example, like there are other sets of the right hosting platform.

Let’s look at the online plus strategies involves the following set of aspect: 

Consumer Experiences  

It has been observed that customer feel good when they purchase their favourite products in stores rather than buying online. Surveys show that most customers want to check and feel the effects before submitting the order online. All the stores usually allow consumers to inspect and test the product and reply to the customer’s queries and satisfy them about the product’s details. 

 The outlets have also been modernizing their premises with the latest technologies, making the consumer experience more effective than online shopping. Consumers check their choices, sizes, colour, price options and all these expectations are met in a physical store.

Modern Technology

 BaubleBar, one of the online jewellery retailers that have invested a lot in brick and mortar, has observed that the in-store turns into more sales and fewer returns. This experience of the customer has direct contact with the product have increased the number of customers. They have their physical store in New York City and planning to open more in other locations.

 End-User / Consumer Service Offerings

Many retailers who are running their business online have also had their existence in physical outlets which are much more than just a store but also maintain storage and their centres to initiate shippings to support their online business, which reduces cost and the shipping time, which is beneficial for both consumers and retailers. has announced that they are opening their storefront in New York City, which also after many years of successful online giant business. Their store location is near the significant landmark of Empire State Building and in Herald Square. Their decision and announcement show the importance of a strategy of multi-channel retailing. 

Consumer Long Term Relationships

Studies show that there is more importance given to relationship-based retailing as compared to transaction-based business. Consumer look beyond the purchasing of products. They need to maintain a connection and rapport with the merchants. It is challenging for online retailers to maintain a relationship with the consumer while doing business through the internet when users deal with mobile devices or computers. That is why online retailers opt for a physical outlet to engage consumers and build long-term relationships, healthy, trusted, and robust.

Clear the Purpose 

The brick-and-mortar stores that perform well and compete against the competitors remain transparent with the brand and its purpose. They try to create such a wonderful experience while interacting with their brand, which leaves a significant impact and impression that customers never forget. That experience is usually intact to consumers emotionally and passionately. All this is only possible because they stay strict, loyal and dedicated to the purpose, which converts into creating loyalty among the consumers and becomes a reason to make them stay around and engaged. 

Using a Search engine for promoting

The majority of the customers search for the products using their mobile devices such as smartphones before visiting the actual business. And this is also done when trusted sources refer them, natural phenomena to satisfy themselves. This is why companies should update their google business page with all corresponding information and continuously update the same, searching for the customers’ correct information. 

Run Events At Your Location

This has been a good practice by most business owners to conduct regular community activities like workshops for kids, events for elders, or skill workshops for youngsters. It is required to understand the customers’ needs and do something for them, which adds value for them to find any valid reason beyond the sales or direct business. Just keep in mind that when people are around with their loved ones and families, they will often opt to go through the store and buy something. 

Create Experiential Spaces

Big brands usually create experiential mobile shopping experiences for consumers or setting up temporary shops in the community. These stores can serve small groups/audience for a shorter duration and help consumers interact and make them regular customer. These brands find those opportunities to collect the visitors’ data and engage with them using telemarking and other techniques.

Final Thought 

The brands like to keep their physical stores and online channels, considering that most retail sales still occur in the physical store. Bricks and mortar stores have been doing their businesses with an online store and gaining a fair market share by keeping the physical stores. Birchbox and Frank & Oak are just a couple of e-retailers with competitive existence with seamless customer experience using both physical and e-retailer channels. 

In addition to their physical stores to meet their customers’ requirements and fulfil orders submitted online, many retailers are also building regional warehouses to meet their e-commerce needs; some of the retailers include Wal-Mart Stores Inc, Target, and Home Depot. 



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