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Engagement invite videos – The engagement ceremony is quite an important pre wedding ritual these days. As per Indian culture, during this ceremony certain vows and rings are exchanged in between the ‘would be’ bride and the groom. Among plenty of rituals that an Indian wedding has, this is another occasion where the two hearts come even closer to each other.

As rings are being exchanged, this occasion is also being named as the ring ceremony. Though the main Indian wedding is an elaborate affair and it continues for a couple of days, this ring ceremony is a matter of one evening. And for this special occasion is one wants to celebrate it with their friends and family, then they can make it quite a big affair and turn it to an evening party where all can come together and celebrate. Engagement invite videos If one has planned to go for a proper engagement ceremony then they need to arrange for all the things like a venue, food, decoration and other things. And another major thing is, they need to send out the invites to friends and relatives so that they can join them on that lovely day. For that, one can go for a ring ceremony video invite which is a great and convenient idea. Engagement invite videos

Make unique engagement invite videos

First of all, one has to pick the date for the engagement ceremony. Once the date is fixed, then the very first thing that one has to start is to send invitation cards and videos to friends and families. If one wants to make a video for the invite then they can always go for some unique content. Save the date videos can be of any type that one wants them to be. The best thing about video invites is that one can easily share them on Facebook, Whatsapp and other social medias so that they can tag people who they want to be the part of the occasion. Engagement invite videos

Now, making video invites is not something which is an everyone’s job. One will definitely need professional help in order to create one. There are experts and professionals who one can hire so that they can make unique ring ceremony video invites. With their help, one can easily make custom made videos where they can incorporate pictures, film stills and add their favourite songs in the background. On the video one also needs to add the details of the ring ceremony date, time and the venue. Engagement invite videos

If one wants to go for a customised video for their engagement ceremony invitation then here are the few advantages:

  • They will be very original and unique.
  • Going paperless is also good for the environment and hence videos are eco friendly.
  • Animated videos look really nice and so they can be cherished later as memories.

Apart from videos one can also choose e card invitations. They are also quite convenient and one can go paperless with that as well. Also, these are the invites which one can send across to friends and family conveniently.


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