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With all the festive season decorations out and the shopping done, it’s time to start decorating the house, making a shopping list, and making holiday greeting cards to send to friends and family. Every year, many people look forward to the timeless tradition of sending Holiday cards to their loved ones. Cards allow you to send well wishes, reconnect with friends and family, and display photographs of your loved ones dressed in their holiday best, among other things.

Plan out who you want to send your emails to

Knowing who you’ll need to buy gifts for, but not having a clear idea of how many online greeting cards you’ll need to make can be frustrating. To make sure you’ve included everyone, make a list of all your recipients and their addresses. If you take care to keep yourself on the correct mailing list, you’ll never be short when it’s time to mail your holiday photo cards. A nicely arranged list also makes it simple to put together and mail all of your envelopes when the time comes. As well as being a handy planning tool for holiday party invitations, this list will help you put together your invitations.

Design your holiday card with a particular theme in mind

You must choose a theme for your holiday cards no matter whether your taste is traditional or off-the-wall. To finish off, design your cards, focusing on the theme you’ve established with your color choices. While there are many traditional and unique designs to choose from, you can also use personalized holiday-free ecards to showcase your pets. No matter what design aesthetic you go for, your theme options are endless. You can select an animation, giphy, and regular card, just to name a few. Pick out items along with customized design and personalized stickers, to finish your theme.

Try to use a high-quality photo

A family photo can make a great holiday card, but make sure it’s a high-quality image with good lighting. Selecting a photo of your favorite year or arranging a professional family portrait session provides greater control over the finished product.

Keep Colors and Fonts in Check

You will have the choice of selecting your colors and fonts when it comes to the card design. Using every possible option is acceptable, but it’s better to keep things simple. Feel free to use a different color palette from all the categories which you want, but try to match the colors to your theme and chosen photo. Limit the number of fonts you use in your work to only two or three, as this keeps your message clear and uncluttered.

To start making your holiday cards, sign up for sendwishonline

It’s that easy to create your holiday cards using sendwishonline. To turn your photos into cards you will have all the tools you need. Below are the simple instructions to guide you in the process of creating your personalized holiday cards.

Choose the size of your card.

Making your holiday cards with sendwishonline begins with choosing the size. Which type of greeting card do you wish to send? (If you choose “more modern square card,” your cards will be 10% larger than standard-sized cards, and the total number of photos will be more than 3.) You have a wide range of options when it comes to choosing the size of your holiday cards—simply pick the one that suits your needs.

Post your picture or design

Once you’ve decided on the card size, it’s time to get creative and design! You can unleash your creativity by using your favorite photo editing or design software to craft your entire card and then simply upload the finished product.

There are many animated pre-designed greeting and thank you card templates available in a variety of themes, so if you’re looking for an excellent customized product, and you want to save time and effort, you should go with a custom holiday greeting or thank you cards instead. This is a quiet time of year, so it’s an easy task to finish. Though you won’t have the unlimited number of options you had in the past, you’ll still have many options to make custom cards and make them unique.

Customize the layout and add text with a picture of a girl on a holiday card

Before moving on to customizing your card, make sure you’ve decided on a size, selected a template, and uploaded your photos. You have a wide range of color schemes to choose from, you can add customizations, and you have the option to customize the message on your card. Not only, will you have the option to have your envelopes pre-addressed with Holiday address labels? That includes the details of your recipients. But you will have the option to also include pre-addressed labels that include holiday addresses with their information. 


If you’d like to send a heartfelt holiday greeting to a friend, relative, or significant other. You can create a collection of holiday cards by utilizing sendwishonline various easy-to-use design templates.


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