Norton software by Symantec offers Windows and Mac users the capability to keep their details secure and protected against viruses, malware, and other security threats. If you no longer would like Norton login software installed on your machine, you can delete it using the Norton Removal Tool, using run command or Control Panel in Windows, or by choosing the choice to uninstall in Mac OS X.

Using the Norton Removal Tool

Navigate to Norton’s website.

Tap on “Download Now,” and choose the option to save the file to your desktop.

Navigate to your computer’s desktop, and run the .exe file for the Norton deletion Tool. The program will launch without delay following installation.

Tap on “Next,” and follow the on-screen prompts to remove all Norton products from your computer. The Norton deletion Tool is designed to remove all Symantec programs from your machine, including Norton AntiVirus, Norton Ghost, Norton Password Manager, Norton 360, and all other Norton programs.

Tap on “Finish” when the Norton Removal Tool updates you that all Norton programs have been successfully removed.

Restart your computer. All Norton products will now be uninstalled from your computer.

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