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The pandemic has both positive and negative impacts on businesses. Online delivery businesses had an evident escape from the ill effects of the pandemic as they continued to provide doorstep deliveries. One of the current on-demand delivery services is the alcohol delivery business. Tipplers can order their favourite brands through the app, and within the stipulated time, the delivery person will reach the customer’s place and deliver the alcohol package.

It would be monotonous to say that the alcohol delivery business attained rapid growth in theoretical form. So, to add proof to the statement, here is the list of statistics regarding the online sales of alcohol.

Growth of online alcohol sales post-pandemic

  • Drizly, one of the largest online alcohol delivery platform, has reported that its sales percentage has multiplied twice after the onset of the pandemic.
  • Craft brewing business has reported that Drizly’s average orders have increased by 30%.
  • Overall, the online sales of liquor and wine are growing twice in comparison to the sales of beers.

Within a year, the online sales of alcoholic beverages have rapidly increased, thereby encouraging entrepreneurs to explore this business. The remaining content of this blog will be on how to develop an online platform for alcohol delivery and various revenue streams affiliated with this business.

How can you benefit the tipplers by launching an alcohol delivery app?

Firstly, you need to know the benefits your users will gain if you launch the alcohol delivery app. Examine the choices of the tipplers, like whether they will prefer online ordering or go to the shop in person. As of now, many will prefer online ordering undoubtedly. But you must plan your strategies to keep the users retained because chances are there that the tipplers may approach the traditional shops to purchase alcohol. 

So, in order to make your platform more beneficial for your users, you need certain features, and of course, you must provide discounts. 

  • Through online ordering, users can order their favourite type of alcoholic beverages.
  • If you launch an aggregator platform, then tipplers or users can order alcohols from different sellers.
  • The need to step out from their homes to buy alcohol is eliminated as they can avail themselves of doorstep delivery.
  • Since the online alcohol ordering platform has the facility for digital payments, it will be easy for users to make payments.
  • After booking, the users can track the delivery of alcohol via the in-app feature for tracking.

The working of an alcohol delivery app in a stepwise manner

Registration and Order placement – The tipplers will get registered on the app by agreeing to the terms and conditions. The tippler can choose an alcohol retailer from the list of retailers and select the type of alcoholic beverage. Alongside, they will also enter the number of quantities and make the payment.

Order processing and dispatch – After receiving the booking, the app will take the percentage of payment as commission and forward the order to the concerned retailer. The retailer will pack the orders, and the delivery person will take them out for delivery.

Delivery – As the order gets dispatched, the retailer will update the same on the app and the users can track the delivery. The driver will locate the user’s address through the in-app map and deliver the package.

Staple set of features to enhance your alcohol delivery app

The User App

  • Login – First, users must log in to the app. For initial registration, you can add the facility of social media registration. Google, Facebook, Instagram handles, etc., can be used to register into the app.  
  • Retailer- After the successful registration, users will select the alcohol retailer. It is better to partner with as many local retailers as possible so that users will get their orders delivered quickly.  
  • Catalogue – From the list of alcoholic beverages, users will make their selection and define the number of bottles.  
  • Payments – Users can pay through the app for their orders. The payments options include ranges from cash on delivery to digital payments like GPay, PayPal, Stripe, etc.  
  • Order tracker – Users who placed their orders should be facilitated to know the order status. The order tracker will let them know the status as well as the location of the delivery person if the order gets dispatched.

The Retailer App

  • Registration – The retailers must also get registered on the app by filling in their store details along with the location.  
  • Adjust the catalogue – The catalogue can be modified by the manager at any time. They can also add most ordered alcohol types as highlights.  
  • Supplements – Other than alcohol, the retailer can mention the supplements like snacks and soft drinks they provide. Usually, users will prefer buying alcohol along with complimentary items.  
  • Earnings – The retailer can check the income earned from each order under the earnings section.

The Delivery Executive App

  • Login – So, like the other stakeholders, the delivery executives too, must complete the registration and then log in.  
  • Delivery planner – The delivery of orders will be informed to the delivery executives through the delivery planner. The number of orders will be in a queue, and the delivery executive will process them one by one.  
  • Notifications – Once the orders get ready, the app will inform the nearest delivery executive to pick up the order from the retailer via in-app notifications.  
  • Earnings – After completing the delivery process, the delivery executives can check the wages credited through the earnings section.

The Admin Panel

  • Manage retailers – You can manage the number of alcohol retailers on your app. You can easily add or remove retailers to/from your app.  
  • Marketing – You can plenty of marketing options through the app in the form of push notifications, coupon codes, promo codes, and offers.  
  • Revenue management – You can keep checking the revenue of your delivery executives as well as your revenue from your admin panel.

The revenue model affiliated with the online alcohol business

  • CommissionsGet your percentage of commission from the retailers for orders placed on your app.  
  • Featured listingRetailers listed on the app will pay for getting featured or exposed so that they can compete with other retailers on the app.


Build your alcohol delivery app solution within a short duration using a ready-made app development solution. I hope this blog filled you with the staple information on starting your online alcohol delivery application.


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