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Hi! Are you an ambitious entrepreneur, looking to etch your business identity among your users? Then, this blog on the Non-Emergency Medical Transportation business is for you. As per the current trend, the ride-hailing business is taking away all the attention. However, with this non-emergency medical transportation business, you can turn people towards your side. Come, let us unearth every detail about this business.

Defining non-emergency medical transportation

As the name itself implies, this business will involve providing transportation services to non-emergency patients. So, the ambulance service and non-emergency service are not interchangeable. So, what’s up with this non-emergency transportation? Ok, let us know more about this non-emergency transportation in detail. 

Unlike ambulance services, you will not handle emergency or critical patients. Instead, you will help people with any sort of disabilities or old-aged people to travel from/to the hospital/home. On the whole, your fleet will not need to have any special equipment like ventilators or any life-saving equipment. You will need stretchers, wheelchairs, and lifts equipped in your fleet. So, that’s all about the fleet. Next, we shall head to the stages involved in starting this non-emergency medical transportation business.

Stages included in setting up the non-emergency transportation business

Stage 1: Analysing the Industry

Firstly, you must understand the industry, the customers, and your competitors. In the case of industry, this business is found to be more welcoming as there is a huge demand for transportation services of this kind. Also, you must know the competitors in this industry, right? So, here is the list of major competitors in this industry. 

  • Silver star transportation services
  • Envision healthcare
  • Voyageur transportation services
  • UMTPG are some of the top players in this industry.

Stage 2: Shortlist a niche

As every industry or business has niche areas, it is the same in the case of the non-emergency medical transportation business. The niche areas include air travel services, wheel-chair aided vehicles, orthopedic transportation services, etc. Among these, choose your niche that has the most demand. Also, while choosing the niche, keep in mind the demographics of users.

Stage 3: Legal procedures

Here come the most important stages, where you will have to perform the legal procedures to start your business. Firstly, you will have to decide whether your business will be based on partnership or proprietorship. Depending on that, your legal procedures will differ. Next, you will have to get the legal documents like licenses, certificates and permissions for running your business in that particular city.

Stage 4: Get the insurance

It is mandatory to get insurance for your fleet and also for the equipment. With insurance, you can overcome challenges like bad road conditions, accidents, and other uncertainties as you can claim the losses, in case if you face any.

Stage 5: Arrange your fleet

So, another important task is to arrange your fleet and to ensure that it is well-equipped. With the non-emergency transportation software, you can easily track the location of the vehicle. Most importantly, you can also check the vehicle’s fuel consumption rate, maintenance schedule, etc., effortlessly.

Stage 6: Hire employees

Once you are all set with the above-mentioned stages, you will have to hire qualified employees like nurses and drivers. Be careful while recruiting the employees, as they must be well-qualified and also certified. Before employing them, verify their licenses and certifications.

Stage 7: Register your company

Now, comes one of the most imperative stages, where you will have to register your company. Registration involves filling all the legal documents for copyright and trademark protection. Along with that, you will also need to submit the logo.

Stage 8: App development

Well, I can guess that you have been waiting to know about the app development. There 2 ways in which you can get your app developed for your non-emergency medical transportation business. The first method is developing an app right from scratch. Another method is purchasing the ready-made clone script. In case you prefer to go with the clone app method, you will get the advantage of customization. You can simply state the customizations you need and launch the app immediately. In this regard, one of the top-notch software is the Uber clone which will highly benefit your business.

There are many features stitched in the app that will help you and your customers in accessing the transportation services. Let us see them in the below section.

  • Tracking – Tracking is an essential feature of your software. With this feature, your users can ascertain the location of the vehicle until they arrive.
  • Scheduling – Patients can book the fleet in advance using the scheduling feature. That is, they can book the vehicle well in advance.
  • Live navigation – Drivers who are about to pick up or drop off the patients can use this feature and navigate to the location with much ease.
  • Availability – In order to know the availability of the drivers, the toggle button is integrated into the app. Before mapping the user’s request, you can check the availability of the drivers.
  • Payment – The app has the facility for making payments in regard to the services. So, to make their transactions smooth, you will need to add different payment options.
  • Admin dashboard – You can play your management role effectively and effortlessly via the admin dashboard. Right from verifying the details of the employees to tracking the fleet, you can manage everything.
  • Push notifications – let your users get all the information about their services through push notifications.

Stage 9: Marketing

After all, you will have to market your business among potential customers. You can do it by different means. You can use Google paid ads, list your services on Yellow pages, etc. Also, you can use referral schemes for bringing in new customers.

Final thoughts

Hey! Once you have done all these steps, you are ready to kick-start your business in the field of non-emergency medical transportation. I strongly believe that this blog gave you an idea of non-emergency medical transportation. Also, you can go with the Uber clone that will perfect your business.


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