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Nowadays a large number of bloggers exist all over the world. These bloggers have a passion for blogging. However, if their blog does not get success for a longer period then they start feeling demotivated. But remember one thing that you can get success after some time. So, there is no need to feel demotivated. Here are some tips to motivate yourself for blogging when you are feeling demotivated.

1.Monitor your progress continuously – It is possible to get good results if you do smart work and apply great efforts. If you are getting fewer results then you need not to worry at all because you are not losing anything. A little achievement is far better than not getting anything. In order to accomplish the goals, you need to do hard work. Don’t feel bad if your speed is slow. If you want to know where you are weak and where you are strong then for that purpose you need to analyze your work. It will be good for you to regularly monitor your progress.

2.From time to time give yourself some rewards – It is not sufficient to regularly monitor your progress. You need to do one more thing that even for your small achievement you give yourself some reward. After completing 200 posts, go on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for the purpose of sharing this news. When you will get comments and likes from your friends then your happiness and positivity will increase. This happiness and positivity will encourage you to put more effort and you can be more focused in your work.

3.Get advice from professional bloggers – A feeling of demotivation can be avoided if you get advice from those bloggers that are successful. Just tell them where you are lagging behind. After getting advice from them and following that advice you can easily get out of your problem and your chances of getting success can also increase. These people have spent a lot of time blogging and have dealt with so many difficult situations. Their vast experience can help you a lot. They will tell you how they get out of their feeling of demotivation. You can be successful if you follow their advice.

4.Don’t listen to the people who have negative thinking – There are a large number of bloggers who are not so good at blogging. These kinds of people always take interest in demotivating you and for that purpose they pass negative comments on your blog. Don’t feel bad with these kinds of negative comments. Try to feel good even if a small number of individuals take interest in your blog. It is necessary for you to have satisfaction with the way you write blogs. Therefore, if you receive negative comments for your blog then you need not to worry at all.

5.Know the purpose of blogging – You can get a lot of motivation if you know the purpose of blogging. The purpose may be making money online, learning new things, a hobby or you take interest in sharing your views. You need not to forget the reason behind your blogging. Each time you write blogs, remind yourself of the purpose of your blogging. By doing this you will not feel demotivated.

6.Write blogs with a plan of doing business – Always write blogs with a plan of doing business. You need to think about earning money with the help of blogging and for that purpose you need to prepare a plan. The plan can be a growth plan, a marketing plan, a plan for the monetization of blogs or a plan for content generation.

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