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We all know trust is an important part of our lives not only in personal lives but also in professional life. Especially in business if customers feel that the business is not trustworthy they will switch to another business providing the same products and services. A customer only buys from the companies and brands they trust.  So, it is said that make a first good impression for your business. A website represents a business and you can create trust through your site easily.

Why Trust is Important?

It is important to know why trust is important. The answer is simple people interact with businesses only and only if they know the brand and trust the brand. They only buy the products from the businesses that give them the assurance of product and service quality. Trust builds brand awareness among potential customers, drives sales and from an online view, it helps in high SEO ranking.

Here in this article, we will know about how you can build trust through your site.
Let’s dig in:-

Switch from HTTP to HTTPS

The main element of trust in the technological world is security. People only visit and perform transactions when a website follows high-security measures and ensures a secure environment for their visitors. Ensure that each and every web page of your website is secured with high-security protocol just like SSL or HTTPS. Moreover, Google has recently announced that having HTTPS is now mandatory for all the websites which are present on the Google search engine. Google ranks down the websites which do not have secured protocol like SSL.

Switching on to HTTPS increases the search engine ranking and also creates trust in your visitors.

Website Design 

A great website design attracts customers. An unprofessional design lacks the quality of providing a user experience. A good website has a professional appearance, quality graphics, navigation, etc. using more colors, themes and innovative user interface builds a website to be creative.  

A good-looking website meets visitor’s expectations and also attracts new potential visitors.

About Us 

Telling your customers about you, which includes how long you are working in the industry, what are your core strengths, mission, and vision, the number of customers you are delivering currently develops a high amount of trust within your new visitors and existing customers. People want to know to whom they are interacting. Create a professional about us webpage on your website replacing “I” with “WE”.

Contact Us 

There are many fraudsters in the online world. A website that does not have its contact information is not trusted by the customers. Your visitors can find your actual location and other contact details like official email and phone number if you have a Contact Us page. This age helps the visitors to connect with you if anything goes wrong this ultimately builds trust in the minds of potential visitors and customers.

Testimonial and Reviews

People generally look for reviews and testimonials before buying a product or service from any website. They want to know are previous customers satisfied with the product and services of the company or not. Mentioning your best client’s testimonials on your websites brings more customers into business as it creates trust. Especially in the case of e-commerce websites, people prefer to look for reviews and then they make a buying decision. You can trust on 3rd party websites that review your site and also Google review is quite popular.

Therefore, reviews and testimonials can build your site trust and increase your sales to a high extent.

Update your content at regular times Updating your site with new content and rich keywords not only helps in your SEO strategy but also helps in the creation of trust. You should update your website content more often. Make sure your customers get all the information regarding your new product launch and offer. Connect more with your visitors and customers via the creation of blogs and write articles about the latest trends in the industry.

Limit the amounts of Advertisements 

A website that contains too many advertisements, pop-ups, and promos lacks the interest of customers. A trustful website has only a limited amount of advertisements. You should avoid as many sponsored ads over your website.

Social Proof 

Social media is gaining high popularity over a decade from now. It plays a crucial role in maintaining the dignity of the business so try to mention all your social media handles on your website so that people can find you and see your interest as a business. People also see how much people are interested in you in terms of followers and so if you have a mass amount of following your site trust will be automatically generated.

Privacy Policy

We all are aware that cybercrime is spreading its wings at a high rate there are many people and websites that are attack by such threats. Leaking sensitive information is a major threat that people face online. As a trustworthy website, you should implement a privacy policy into your website which ensures in maintaining the secrecy of customer’s sensitive information. This policy means that your business will not share customers’ data like email address name address financial transactions with any other source or person.

Having this policy on your website creates confidence in the mind of visitors to share trust with your business. Google also looks for the privacy policy of the websites and helps them to grow on its search engine.


In conclusion, creating a trust for your website in the minds of visitors is highly important. By taking minimal steps you can create trust with ease. Your brand plays a high role in the business environment. Even if your business is a small scale trust plays a major role to survive in the market.


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