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Product Videos: If there’s one thing that’s evident, if you want visitors to make a purchase, you need to make sure your customers feel related to it. Although images are a great way to entice the audience and give them a fair idea about how or what a product looks like which they are about to purchase, it still lacks in delivering the real feel of the product. This can only be achieved when people can watch the product in real-time. It’s where product animations are breaking grounds and helping countless brands climb the stairs of success. Today, we are going to shed light on how product videos are helping ecommerce stores to drive more sales and bring in more customers. To make a customer take a confident buying decision, images & videos work hand in hand. As per a survey conducted by US online shoppers, customers check six product images and three videos on average before they make a buying decision of a product. 

With such numbers, it is important that we must take a deeper dive in learning what are product videos & how we can capitalize on them. So let’s hold back and let’s learn about the basics. 

What are Product Videos & What Are the Different Types? 

Product video (as the name suggests) is a product demonstration which helps product owners showcase what their product looks like and feels like after their users purchase them. It further shows how a product functions, what they do and how it can be benefitting for the audience. Product videos can increase engagement, give your product more exposure & bring more customers to your store. Here are some of the different types of product videos which brands abundantly use in the ecommerce world. 

  • How-to Videos 
  • Story-based Videos 
  • Installation Videos 
  • Product Performance Videos 
  • Testimonial Videos 

What are the Three Important Aspects Which Make a Product Video? 

No product video can give an interactive experience unless it has the following factors in place: 

  • Optimal video quality 
  • 360 degree view of the product 
  • In-depth information on the benefits 
  • A good voice-over quality describing it 

What is the Purpose of Having a Product Video in your Ecommerce Content Strategy? 

People on average prefer to watch videos rather than going through a ton of text before making a buying decision. Unless, if your video is missing out on some of the important benefits or features, only then a person refers to page long texts in the form of descriptions existing on the Internet. eCommerce is definitely growing & businesses are massively capitalizing on taking the lion’s share of sales these days. 

In simpler terms, product videos have become an integral part of the marketing strategy & can’t go amiss because: 

  • It increase your chance of conversions 
  • It increase average order value (AoVs) 
  • It attracts new customers by offering useful content 

What are the Benefits of Having Animated Product Videos? 

Descriptive content can become quite monotonous and a reader can completely lose their attention while reading a ton of words every day. Whereas, images don’t perfectly convey the right message or adequate information properly. Videos, on the other hand, are capable of being descriptive and conveying the correct message. They are the best options which encourage users to make a buying decision. 

Here’s how investing budget in product animation videos can benefit your brand. 

Google Prefer Video Content Over other Content Formats 

There are many videos which are going viral overnight. Although the intent of these videos can be different, mostly creating brand awareness, they are also quite abundantly helping brands in link building?

So how’s that happening? Well product video for eCommerce has now standards. When people talk about it, when people share your content and when your product gets hurt, it does gain credibility on Google. 

Create a video that has a humanizing element. Don’t just throw in another product video to market your brand. Take the magnifying glass and zoom in to learn about how your product can rank up. 

Videos Are Shareable & Clickable Unlike Blogs & Landing Pages 

Research indicates, people are twice more likely to share video content with their friends & family instead of blogs and landing pages. People feel encouraged to select something with an engaging thumbnail rather than plain written text or a static image coming up on their live feeds or someplace else. As humans, our minds perceive visual information more than textual information. Just think about it, words or images may never have a profound effect on your audience just as much as a video would. If an influencer chooses to share a video among his friends, your video will have a better chance of getting shared by the followers than a plain text would. People, after all, love visual storytelling. 

As a brand, you should capitalize on creating such crafty video products for customers.  

Videos Convince Watchers to Become Purchasers 

Last but not the least, videos tend to convert watchers into buyers. People feel more compelled to make a purchase when they watch a certain product in a video format. Unlike a static image that does not move or verbal text, videos do create interest in your audience’s mind and make them realize the increasing benefits of what you’ve to offer. With a video, you can easily convince your watchers why you’re the best option to make a purchase. They feel inclined on clicking your content and making the decision. 

So there you go, here’s just about everything I can tell you about product animation videos. Are you eager to invest in one for your brand? Feel free to do your research and make the decision of purchasing. 


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