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Fantasy Sports Mobile Apps Like Dream11 is rapidly gaining popularity because they offer a new type of entertainment to those who enjoy gaming on their smartphones. Google Play Store and Apple App Store are home to a wide variety of apps that can be downloaded. Dream11 has a large following because it has a variety of appealing and intriguing features. Rather than relying on real-world rules and regulations, fantasy sports allow players to engage in a more imaginative game. Come on, let’s learn more about it. In this blog, you will get to know about fantasy app development cost and time estimation for the white label dream11 clone.

How does an App like Dream11 Make Money?

It is essential to have a complete comprehension of the Dream11 business model in the event that you plan on developing a Dream11 app. Although Dream11 is primarily built on a freemium model, the first price that every user must pay in order to participate in a tournament is the primary source of revenue for the company. The typical range for this admittance price is between thirty and sixty yen (or forty to eighty cents). The fact that there is a low barrier to entry and an assurance of a fifty percent chance of winning makes the opportunity seem extremely attractive to the users, which is why the majority of people give in to it.

Additionally, when a user wins either the little leagues or the grand leagues, they are subject to a fee equal to twenty per cent of the overall award. This commission rate remains the same throughout all of the app’s competitions. Even if some of the competition, including MyTeam11 and Halaplay, have placed the commission at a much more reasonable rate, this is still a rather consistent source of money generating.

The money that is collected from the combined entry fees of all of the contestants is used to fund the cash awards that are awarded after the competition ends and the winners are revealed. However, Dream11 does not give out all of the money that was collected from the pool; instead, they always take fifteen per cent of the entire amount for themselves and refer to this as the “platform fee.” Additionally, this turns out to be an excellent source of money. Therefore, thanks to all of these sources and the potential of new creative income channels, it is simple to make a profit off of a white label dream11 clone despite its relatively high production costs.

What Are the Expenses Involved in the Production of an App Like Dream11?

A typical hourly price for a developer in the United States is from $100 to $250. It would take around 200 hours to create an app like Dream11, and it doesn’t even include time spent on the user interface and user experience, the backend, quality assurance, or the period leading up to the app’s debut. According to this information, the starting point for the cost of developing an app similar to Dream11 is around $20000.

Using our Cost Calculator Tool, you will be able to get further information on the cost breakdown of a white label dream11 clone as well as other types of apps. The team of developers working in-house at Valere was responsible for developing this dependable tool. It gives you the ability to calculate the estimated cost of any software based on a standard rubric that was developed by professionals in the field.

You only need to select your requirements, which include the type of platform (iOS or Android), the size of the app, whether it will provide social or personal service and any additional features. The cost calculator tool will then run it through some quick formulas and provide you
with an instant estimate of how much your app will cost. UI/UX design, security, design and theme, number of platforms/devices, third-party integrations, level of complexity, and customized add-on features are some of the factors that the tool considers important when determining the value of an app. Other factors include the level of complexity and the number of platforms/devices that can run the app.

The cost calculator tool that we provide has earned the confidence of business owners and software developers all around the world. It is a solution to the first issue that anybody who is taking their first step in the sector faces, and it is one that is plain, open, and practical. It also gives a greater feeling of security since any hidden expenses of building an app are exposed in the very first step that is taken in the process.

So, get on over to the cost calculation tool right now, or get in touch with us to obtain the rundown on the fundamental expenses involved in developing an app like Dream11! To create a Dream11 app and become a part of this multi-billion-dollar market, our group would be thrilled to collaborate with you in any way possible.

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