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Newbie blog writers have this big doubt in their mind: how many backlinks is safe per day? They normally get so much confusion between the jungles of questions and are unable to clear things for them.

Even when a college student searches: UK dissertation help, SEO shows a wide range of results. So, I have planned to write this post covering this topic.

I hope this post will surely help newbie bloggers and website owners not to ask SEO writers for help anymore.

Confusion Regarding Backlinks per Day?

Lack of information on the internet unsatisfied the searchers about the question arising their mind. And to be honest, Google has not given us a proper answer.

So, the mysterious number remains equal to the mystery of the Bermuda triangle for website content writers.

At SEO forums, you have seen multiple answers from internet “keyboard experts.” Some of them even specify the number of SEO backlinks allowed per day. They sound like SEO itself told them in their dreams.

Back linking became more and more complicated with the Penguin update from Google. The update attacked backlinks which spammed, charging penalties to websites having backlinks that looked not so natural and things smelled fishy.

So, to solve this mystery, can we assume for a moment that generating so many backlinks for SEO too fast is bad or not?

Link Building with speed a Bad Thing?

For example, if you get excited and built 50,000 new backlinks in a single day, your website will get flagged by Google. It’s quite possible. Well, Google’s Penguin update checks to make sure that backlinks are always natural.

So, if you have generated 50,000 new backlinks in a single day, then those won’t be natural.

What is an unnatural backlink? We have observed the ads on different websites that offer quick back-linking services at some price.

There is a factor of risk involved because with those backlinks comes penalties. The majority of “backlinks” are not approved by Google itself. These unnatural backlinks and Google will rapidly reverse the good effects they might be having on your website.

But exactly how many of these natural backlinks do you really need for your website?

Quantity or Quality?

Updates relating to backlinks, Google exhibit much more importance on quality as compared to quantity. Linking fewer backlinks ranking a website higher as compared to a huge amount of backlinks.

Google’s motive is to match your content with the right amount of searchers and making sure both parties remain happy.

While a high number of backlinks is important, Google will check those spams or unspammy links. If you have generated 100 backlinks naturally per day, you won’t get penalized.

How to Build Limitless Backlinks per Day, Safely

Websites and Pages

Google ranks a website and that authorizes the website, also how much trust does Google has for that particular website.

It doesn’t matter how much people rank any website according to its contents or backlinks, but the thing matter is, Google likes it or not?

Any website linked to natural by multiple people develops content that people enjoy reading, Google will consider it an authority website.

One tool to accomplish this is the Free Backlinks Checker. By using this tool, you can observe Trust and Citation Flow and also test to find out which websites will help your back-linking strategies.

Relevant Websites

Backlink to be helping to your website’s SEO, it must be relevant. This means that if you have a website about skincare, a backlink from a website regarding sports is not really helpful to you. In fact, it is harmful.

Google searches for natural backlinks, it usually gets suspicious of those websites that link to websites on dissimilar topics. Meaning that these backlinks are not going to carry any plus for you

The quickest way to find websites is the Similar Site Search tool. This tool delivers an idea of similar websites to your own. Check against the metrics resulted from Monitor Backlinks and you will be having a nice list of websites to start your strategy with.

Take an example for a moment, in the search of the Monitor Backlinks tool. You can rapidly watch all of the pages which are relevant to Computers, which was mainly what I was looking for.

How Many Backlinks Per Day Is Safe?

Naturally, back-linking will increase gradually. Shortcuts in the system to develop backlinks quicker will not help you progress your ranking, and will hurt the SEO ranking on your website. In fact, techniques such as buying backlinks will bring harsh penalties from Google to your website.

To wrap it up, is there any limit to the amount of natural, backlinks you can easily generate for your websites per day?

With all the confidence, we can say, “there’s no limit”!


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