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A lot of App developers think that Hybrid Apps are the future of app development. The excellent native-like feel, robust back-end, and reasonable cost make the best framework for choosing Native. Hence, native apps offer high performance, API integration, and full functionality to make them expensive. According to AppBrain, ionic covers 3.7% of the mobile app market. Moving towards hybrid mobile app development, Ionic is unparalleled. Every ionic mobile app development company works on a framework for all the hybrid apps with valuable results.

Ionic App development company allows developing apps for iOS, Windows, and Android devices. By arranging languages in such a way as HTML, CSS, Angular, typescript, JavaScript, and ionic App Development Services, the developers can use the same code base to build an app for all platforms. Therefore, Ionic is also known as cross-platform application development.

Features of Ionic App Development

Ionic is a free and open-source development framework with a major market share and is known as one of the leading hybrid mobile applications. So, there is a need to hire ionic app developer who has substantial knowledge and support to make a globally crowd favorite app in the whole development process. 

  • Cross-platform

Mobile app development is a method that lets developers make apps that are well-matched with all mobile operating systems and platforms. So, you can build cross-platform apps with the help of tools like Ionic, Xamarin, and React Native. These tools let code reusability and decrease turn-around time for apps and make it cost-effective.

  • Ease Of Development

Ionic segments JavaScript and CSS parts enable developers to create mobile apps seamlessly.

  • Integration For Innovative Features

Therefore, some Ionic developers integrate the app’s functionality to numerous device peripherals and machinery using plugins. It increases more power to your app and makes it more useful like a native app. However, developers even integrate several third-party tools with Ionic projects and add additional skills to the app apart from plugins.

  • Fascinating UI

Ionic offers lots of themes and designs that make emerging and user interface a seamless task. The app design is future-proof with Ionic to rapidly make changes, update an app, scale it up and down and do more with code to take care of things in a hassle freeway. Besides this, there are heaps of ready-to-deploy elements and widgets that added functionality and aesthetics. It makes a gap between native and web apps.

  • Built For Interactivity

Some businesses look to stand out in the cluttered market of mobile applications to build the app on Ionic with interactivity and engagement. However, it is crucial for social media and online presence.

  • Appropriate Testing

Testing is never an issue with Ionic. There are two modules’ developers that use Ionic CLI to test web features and Angular CLI to test all old versions. It allows developers to effortlessly see if there is an app working across platforms and devices.

  • Support And Assistance

There are a lot of Ionic developers who work to improve the framework for performance and functionality. But the best part of ionic is it’s growing day after day. So, the concerns that anyone faces can resolve and fix those errors with the development.

It helps you to build robust mobile apps with web technologies. Hence the developers understand well about Angular, HTML, and CSS. Therefore, Cordova is responsible for the native part of the app. It’s a link between WebView and the device’s operating system.

There are some Pros and cons of Ionic Development such as:


  • Single Codebase

Apache Cordova and Angular Ionic offer a single codebase to build mobile apps without any native developers. Though, using Ionic decreases the cost of development, hiring developers, and codebase maintenance. Moreover, the single codebase changes the time and helps to deploy the apps faster than usual.

  • Wide Range of Plugins

Developing a professional app Ionic framework is the right choice. Because it gives a wide range of plugins and UI components, these plugins can easily access a phone, camera, Bluetooth, and GPS. Also, Ionic has a library that provides features that act and look like native elements. However, plugins are the main reason for feature-rich and native-like mobile apps in the app stores.

  • Easy Testing

Ionic apps that work on WebView use the device’s browser for testing the app. However, it is easy and avoids testing devices to check the features and purposes.


  • Slow Performance

Ionic didn’t support well in heavy apps. Particularly with graphics-heavy apps and AR, the performance is secure to dip. The main reason behind this is Ionic renders its graphic essentials over the browser. And this process consumes a lot of time to display the graphic image on the screen.

  • Lack of Hot Reloading

These days hot reloading is the right feature in app development. But, Ionic didn’t support hot reloading. Therefore developers have to wait for a long time to make small changes while coding. During the time, certain changes were needed in apps to restart. The lack of hot reloading will affect the speed of development in the long term.

  • Security Issues

The security issue is common while building Hybrid apps. This worry is a drawback while working in Ionic. However, this issue can be committed easily by using code uglification. Uglification is making a code difficult for hackers to understand. Subsequently, version 4, Ionic CLI, has built-in code uglification. On the other hand, older versions are weak in terms of security attacks.

The possibility for cross-platform app development is high. Therefore, every business owner is moving forward to an ionic app development company searching for effective app development. Ionic, Android UI elements and developers focus on building apps but not on user interface elements. Moreover, Ionic uses cutting-edge tech to create quality mobile UI components on the web, native apps, and desktops.


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