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The year 2020 saw a massive outreach of Video conferencing apps. With the pandemic hitting a hard rock on all our daily activities, things started changing adversely. All business endeavors began happening in the work from home concept. When individuals start working from their homes, they need a tool to connect with them for business meetings, discussions, and all. Video conferencing apps bridged the gap by clicking all the professionals through video. 

After the Covid 19 crisis, the demand for Video conferencing apps has increased. It has become easy for professionals to conduct their business meetings and conferences in real-time. Virtual meetings have become easy to host with in-built features like chat options, screen sharing, and recording. Video conferencing apps like Zoom, Skype, Google meet, and Citrus has become pretty popular among professionals. On analyzing the demand for Video conferencing apps, the experts have forecasted that the market share will increase up to 22.5 billion by the end of 2026.

Zoom – The most trusted video conferencing app by business professionals

Launched by Zoom video conferencing, Zoom is video conferencing software developed for people to conduct virtual meetings without moving away from their place. Through Zoom video conferencing, hundreds of people across the globe can participate. Zoom enables even people from remote locations to stay connected with the app. In the year 2020, the Zoom app was the fifth most downloaded mobile app worldwide. The Statista report states that the Fiscal year of Zoom ended with $2.65 billion on 31st January 2021. 

Zoom app is relatively easy to operate, and it is accessible for everyone. What makes Zoom so unique among other video conferencing apps is its features. The cutting-edge features make it unique in the market. Some of the special features of Zoom are,

  • Screen sharing option for the presenters to show their presentations and documents.
  • The users can record the videos of their meeting
  • Virtual hand-raising opportunity for the users to ask their doubts to the speaker.
  • Chat session for the users to ask their queries to the speaker
  • The host can take control of muting the participants and can also turn off their videos.
  • Zoom rooms, a wireless software for audio conferences and video conferences.
  • Zoom enables the participants to engage in group meetings with hundreds of participants. 

Reasons why developing an app like Zoom will be a substantial hit?

Video conferencing apps are facing enormous demands from people. These demands most often come from business personnel. With the ongoing crisis, traveling from one location to another has become difficult, and many businesses have taken a stride towards technology. People are also increasingly concerned with safety as it has become hazardous to step out. These video conferencing apps help them to organize their meetings and conferences comfortably. 

Entrepreneurs can make use of this scenario and start planning to launch their mobile app. Video conferencing apps have become the need of the hour, and it will be wise for individuals to think of a business model. If entrepreneurs are interested and focused on launching a video conferencing, it will be perfect for them to adopt a Zoom clone app. The Zoom clone app is a ready-to-launch app. Choosing a Zoom clone will also save time, as developing an app from scratch involves a lot of time. Find out the reasons why Zoom clone is needed in the market,

  • Increasing market share 

The market share of the video conferencing app is increasing day by day with an increase in the number of users. Last year alone, video conferencing apps were downloaded 62 million times in a week. The predicted market share will increase to $10.92 billion by the year 2027. The market of video conferencing apps is in favor of the launch of new apps. So, entrepreneurs should consider this valid point for their business launch.

  • Extreme demand from people

Good demand is what makes a business move successfully. Almost all organizations have started adopting Video conferencing tools for both internal and external meetings with their clients. We need to analyze the demand when this is enough for us to understand the market. 

Benefits of Zoom clone for business activities

Video conferences to keep people more engaged

Gaining attention from people is very difficult. That too, when communicating over mobile phones it is highly impossible. Video conferencing will be the only solution to overcome this. Through the Zoom clone, the users can participate in video conferences. These video conferences keep people more engaged with virtual eye contact. Unlike other audio conferences, it is very productive and brings utmost participation from all the users.

An efficient way of communication

Business leaders will find Zoom clones highly efficient in communicating with their employees. As they need not spend unnecessary time traveling to reach the place. Imagine a person spending hours traveling to meet their client for a meeting. Whereas with a video conferencing app like Zoom, they can conduct their business meetings more efficiently.

A platform to bring in all the participants

Coordinating meetings and conferences is a big task. Zoom clone app will be a great platform to bring 100% participation from the staff or attendees. The ease of operations of the app will ensure the utmost participants for the meeting.

Set duration for your meetings

The Zoom clone script enables the host of the meeting or conference to allocate time for their program, which helps them complete the session in an idle time with more productivity. This also allows the speakers to stick to the time limit while delivering their content.

Connects people 

With work from home options, employees are split into different geographical locations. Irrespective of their physical location, the Zoom clone app will help the team connect through it with virtual meetings. 

A forum to discuss your official kinds of stuff

Through Zoom clone, you can connect prominent participants from the workplace. The leaders need not want to call each of the staff individually to discuss their progress. Through Zoom clone, you can address them all in general and discuss their productivity.

Cost-effective approach

For organizing a meeting or conference, the organization has to spend a lot of money to manage them, right from the travel to arranging tea parties for their delegates. It also requires a lot of time to prepare for a meeting. With a video conferencing app like Zoom, the companies can cost-effectively organize meetings.

Concluding note,

Video conferencing applications have become an excellent means of communication through virtual calls and audio conferencing. Apps like Zoom are like a boon for people to carry out their business tasks conveniently. There is enormous scope for Video conferencing apps in the market. Developing a Zoom clone App will be an excellent start for entrepreneurs to start their venture.


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