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AGM Web Hosting, it seems, is ahead of its time with its strikingly exceptional approach to customer support in Nepal. 

We focus on making sure we have a great service-focused environment within our organization. We always believe, that if we just deliver what’s promised on time, then a lot of really amazing things happen on their own.

AGM Web Hosting Customer Service: Strategy & Tactics

Our prime goal is to avoid unpleasant surprises and just deliver WOW to our customers in an innovative way.

Wowing customers delivering happiness

We also believe “To WOW our valued users, we must differentiate ourself from the competitors, which means do something outside the box. We must do something that’s above and beyond what’s expected and promised. And whatever we do must have an emotional impact on the customer buying decision. We always think of we are not an average company, our service is not average, and we don’t want our customers to be average too. We expect our every staff should deliver happiness to the customers through our wonderful customer services. Our customer deserves only the best service.” 

Further, the great and exceptional service results in repeated customer, which in turn, would require less marketing expenses for future customer acquisitions(thus putting a low value on customer acquisition costs), leading to long-term overall profits and ensuring company’s exponential growth.

AGM Web Hosting | Value Proposition

Want to learn what differentiates AGM Web Hosting from other web hosting provider in Nepal?

You can call us anytime

Our customer service orientation(which means you can get connected to us) is also apparent on our Official website. On many web hosting websites in Nepal, the contact information is buried at least three links deep, because the company doesn’t really want to hear from you. And when you find it, it’s a form or an e-mail address. We take the exact opposite approach. We put our phone number (it’s 9869421801, in case you’d like to call) at the top of every single page of our website because we are confident that these are the touchpoints to create a positive experience for the customer. And we staff our call center 24/7.

At AGM Web Hosting, we don’t measure call time, we have our longest call almost two hours long! We don’t use calling scripts too as we trust our amazing employees to use their own strategy when dealing with customer issues.

Even after resolving customers’ pain points, that doesn’t mean our job is complete!

It’s vital to track the issue next 48 hours to ensure the issue doesn’t repeat the second time.

Instant Service Activation

AGM Web Hosting has always put its endeavors in providing quality domain and hosting service to our valued customers since its inception. 

While every big name in the hosting industry in Nepal was spreading good gospels about their unbeatable price, AGM web hosting stood for what customers think should be the priority – instant customer service and instant service activation. Price and quality follow. We always think of delivering instant services is the only way to win our customers.

Domain services will be registered automatically within a few seconds after the payment confirmation. However, it may take few more minutes for the hosting activation.

We always focus on selling happiness over our domain and hosting products.


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