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Affiliate program or marketing is a known approach, helps in driving traffic and produce considerable leads for significant online revenue. Unarguably, it benefits both parties, including brand and affiliate marketers. It is a new push, and when compared to less traditional marketing tactics it has paid off.

HiLetsBuy is one such platform. It is a new affiliate program, introduced to help people in promoting business. It works as an application and web international program. The affiliate program allows people who call themselves shopping experts, particularly in e-commerce products.

The shopping platform aims to serve as the biggest shopping advisor, particularly for people who loves to shop but are not aware of online shopping. The newly launched affiliate program offers friendly and easy communication. You can connect with people all over the world, who are up for a thrilling experience.

The platform is great for shoppers all over the world, especially the ones who are up for any advice, looking for information, and want to discuss any product related to e-commerce. In simpler words, the affiliate program is a forum for people who are enthusiastic about shopping and can become affiliates simply and comfortably.

The platform allows users to join you as a publisher. You can choose any website from our wide range of pools. Next, you can build up your blog and share links on any of the social media channels to earn some profit.

What are the sites that work with an affiliate network?

The sites that are included in the platform are as follows:

  • AliExpress
  • Babeland
  • Cult Beauty Ltd
  • Feel Unique
  • Gear Best
  • Harmony
  • Look
  • T B Dress
  • Yes
  • Yoins

In addition, a lot more is coming up!

Features of the website:

The features of the affiliate program websites, listed as follows are:

1.      Membership:

The website is great for anyone who is shopping enthusiastic and is all excited to shop online. Additionally, the website does not require any additional cost if you want to join as a member.

Moreover, as soon as the registration process is completed, you will get approval as a member and you can shop online. All you have to do is visit the menu settings, fill up your info, and include your PayPal account. Next, you can generate any item from the link.

2.      Commission:

The website has displayed commission percentage next to each website. Currently, the website offers up to 70 percent. However, the commission might be different for products. Additionally, each of the websites has its policy make sure you go through it.

In addition, you can see your commission always on the ‘my money’ option.


Affiliate marketing is a perfect solution for people who prefer to take control of their income. The platform stands on all the qualities included in an affiliate program. Make sure you sign up and earn money endlessly with ease.


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