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SEO challenge – Have you ever felt that the changes in the techniques of SEO occur continuously? If your answer is yes then you need not to worry at all because a lot of people have felt it at some time. You will be surprised to know that with the passing of time a search engine that is becoming more powerful and smarter is Google. Today it understands the web pages and analyzes them quickly and effectively. Now I am going to tell you how to handle every SEO challenge with ease using some tips.

Handle every SEO challenge with ease using these tips

1.If something lowers down the speed of your website then remove it immediately – When doing SEO, a factor that is so critical is the speed of the page. The chances of the users to purchase from your company’s website decrease if your web page loads slowly. The conversions lose by 7 % when loading of the web page is delayed even by one second. The people will consider your website as untrustworthy if its speed is slow. The visitors can wait up to 3 seconds but if a time more than this is taken by a website then it will be abandoned by 40 % users. So, if your site gets slowed down because of any element that is not needed any more then remove it immediately. For instance, deactivate those plugins from your WordPress site that are no longer required. Seo principles

2.When creating content, think about the humans initially – For driving the search results, keywords are still taken into consideration by a large number of content creators and bloggers. For the purpose of manipulating the search engines they are avoiding the use of long-tail search terms. But this approach is wrong. Your content will be read by the humans actually, so give priority to them over search engines. It’s the human who can be your customer in the future. He will purchase the products from your online store. Search spiders will not do all that for you. Therefore, instead of writing for the search engines, writing for the users will help you a lot. SEO challenge

3.Take the help of web analytics – For tracking the success of your site, there are a number of tools that can help you out like Google Search Console and Google Analytics. Sometimes from your website the user navigates away. In order to get information about this as well as about where the user is clicking, the Crazy Egg tool will help you. SEO challenge

4.For every web page you have to write a meta description that is relevant and unique – When a user searches your page on Google then the first section that he sees is the meta description. Before writing a meta description for your site keep one thing in mind that it is not copied from any other site, otherwise the user experience will not be good. SEO challenge

5.Your URL structure needs to be readable and simple – Don’t confuse the search engines and the people with a URL structure that is difficult to understand and read. Now look at a URL:

The search engines and the users can easily understand this URL. Here dashes are used with words. Characters or so many numbers are not used.

On the other hand, if the URL structure is like:

The search engines and the users can’t easily understand this URL. In order to get information about the content the numbers that are used in the URL will not help you. SEO challenge

For achieving various goals, you can utilize a number of online marketing channels and this can be your digital marketing strategy.


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