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Gojek Clone App Offers Multi-Services : In our modern time technology and smartphones have increased their impact on the daily routine of our lives. Services that we used to manually book can now be easily registered by using an application.

Gojek Clone App is an all-in-one app that provides multiple options to users all over the globe. The popularity of apps that are available on-demand developments is growing and dynamic in modern technology. It was the reason for the desire to create the Gojek Clone App. In all likelihood, these services are cheap and reliable and at the same time, reliable! Furthermore, the app user has the benefit to book multiple services using the same platform.

In this blog, we’ve talked about the latest trends in the on-demand app that offers multiple services using the Gojek Clone application. The Gojek Clone App allows the user to order Rental services, Bike/Taxi booking, All delivery – Food/Medicine/Grocery/Liquor/Handyman Service, Coupon Deals, Courier, etc through one single online platform. Gojek Clone App Offers Multi-Services

Gojek Clone App can be the perfect startup for your business since it is a digital age every person needs apps to perform their daily activities, however, users do not wish to run too many apps on one device. However, Gojek is among the amazing results that users have received and has also generated lots of money with its multi-service application script.

Gojek Clone App Offers Multi-Services
What is Gojek? Check History Right Here!

The name Gojek originated from “Ojek,” or motorbike taxis that are found all over Indonesia. It was founded in 2010 and had around 20 drivers on motorbikes, Gojek racked up around 30 million downloads in just two years. In the following years, Gojek was partnered with Singapore’s most powerful bank DBS.

Gojek was established by Nadiem Makarim and Michaelangelo Moran. Gojek was created to address the issues of riders by providing an online platform for drivers and riders to easily connect. It was refunded to drivers’ earnings to help them earn more. Gojek is an Indonesian multi-service on-demand platform. The group of digital payment technology is headquartered in Jakarta; PT Aplikasi Karya Anak Bangsa is known under the name of Gojek. Gojek Clone App Offers Multi-Services

Gojek was founded in Indonesia as an automated call center designed to connect customers with ride-hailing companies and courier delivery. The multi-service on-demand platform offered four services in 2015 which included:

  • GoRide;
  • GoSend;
  • GoShop;
  • GoFood.

Gojek can be valued at 10 billion dollars and has been transformed into a massive app offering 20 services. It operates throughout Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, and the Philippines. The app is the very first Indonesian unicorn company, and the first country-wide “decacorn.” It’s the only company within Southeast Asia that includes Fortune’s 50 companies. At the time of writing the company has more than 170 million active users in Southeast Asia and around 29 million active monthly users across Indonesia. Gojek Clone App Offers Multi-Services

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Then, in May of 2021 Gojek together with Tokopedia made an announcement of the merger and formed GoTo. Gojek has also secured the financial backing of various investors, such as Google, PayPal, Facebook, Blibli, Astra International, Mitsubishi, Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund KKR, Temasek Holdings, Warburg Pincus, Sequoia, Northstar Group, Capital Group, Warburg Pincus, Parallon, Chinese Internet giant Tencent,, among others. Gojek Clone App Offers Multi-Services

As of the year 2018 the app has 18 services. It also offers two brand new services within the business of online content offering 20 services on demand under one roof. It is an Indonesian startup, the company has a similarity to Gojek’s advantages in managing the supervisory environment and comprehending how local markets work. It allows them to incorporate features in the application that will meet the local market and drivers more effectively.

Gojek hired 100 students in the field of engineering from India in the year 2017. The platform that offers multi-services in 2020 was launched with GoStore which helps small and medium-sized businesses in the local area to set up online stores easily.Gojek Clone App Offers Multi-Services

The Gojek Clone App is divided into three sections.

Transport Service

The Gojek Clone App provides transportation services such as bicycle rides, taxi delivery, ride, and also any other delivery or pickup service.

Delivery Service

It is the Gojek Clone App that delivers services for food, groceries, medicines, water, liquor, flowers, and much more as per your needs.

On-Demand Service

Gojek Clone App offers 20plus on-demand services, including pet care, dog walking tutors, beauty pest control, electricians, plumbers, and other services.

Gojek Clone App Packages

We provide a low-cost and highly customizable Gojek clone software script for a variety of services that are integrated with sophisticated options. Gojek Clone App Offers Multi-Services The Gojek Clone application we plan to offer is very standard as well as other deliverables like:

  • Customer Android & iOS apps
  • Driver/Delivery Person Android and iOS apps
  • Store Android and iOS apps
  • Service Provider Android & iOS apps
  • Super Admin Panel
  • Store/Restaurant Panel
  • Billing Admin Panel
  • Dispatcher Admin Panel
  • Service Provider Web Panel
  • Static Landing Website (Single Page)

The reasons that lead to Gojek Clone App

Easy Accessibility

With this feature, customers can make orders or access services at any place, at any time using a smartphone and an internet connection. Users who order food on demand and place orders for their favorite food items from nearby restaurants and book services in just a couple of steps. The delivery of the order and the book will occur in the shortest time possible to meet the customer’s requirements. Gojek Clone App Offers Multi-Services


In the modern world of technology, everyone has access to smartphones and enjoys using mobile apps since they save a lot of time and cut down on the cost of transportation. Today people expect apps on mobile devices to book taxis and shopping. Gojek Clone App Offers Multi-Services

In the modern world, people have various platforms to obtain products and services. So the application is fully supported by all the services offered to customers to make it easy to operate the app.

Minimum Effort Required

The process of creating an application with Gojek’s clone application requires minimal effort on your part. The Gojek application script, called ColneApp, is accessible on the market, with sophisticated options that will help for running a service on-demand online. Gojek Clone App Offers Multi-Services

100% Customization

Through the use of our Gojek clone app build a business that is in line with market expectations and your company brand to achieve your vision.

Boost Profits

The advantages the Gojek clone offers are that it will boost your output, decrease the time, increase your profile, and improve the output and power while offering pleasant customer service. Gojek Clone App Offers Multi-Services

40+ Multiple Service

The primary benefit of Gojek is that it allows users to access many services through one app. From services on demand, to automotive food delivery to laundry service everything is available at the doorstep of the customer.


The Gojek clone app is the best Companion to help you with setting the foundations for your own On-Demand Business. With the On-Demand Service App, you can expand your business on a broadway. If you want to choose the best solution for your business on-demand get in touch with WhiteLabelFox with over a decade of industrial Experience in launching an App on a regular basis! Gojek Clone App Offers Multi-Services

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