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For a few weeks, we have been hearing about a great revolution in the world of social media: Facebook Shop. This novelty comes at the right time and closes the circle with other important changes that have already been integrated, designed to improve the user experience within social platforms, such as Facebook Pay and Instagram Shopping.

With Facebook Shop, our dear Mark officially opens the era of social ecommerce. Thanks to this new feature, companies will be able to create a real store and sell online in a simple, fast and safe way… but above all 100% mobile-friendly. And after this just Buy Facebook Followers Australia for your Online store. Let’s see together what are the opportunities and advantages for companies and how to be prepared!

What is Facebook Shop and how it works

Facebook Shop offers the possibility to create an ecommerce within all the platforms that are part of the great Zuckerberg family. In just a few steps, all sellers can open their own shop for free and without the need for advertising budgets. The shop will be visible not only on Facebook and Instagram but also on Messenger, on the Facebook Marketplace, and on WhatsApp.

Once created, the seller will be able to take advantage of the visibility offered on numerous placements, guarantee customers pre and post-sales assistance, use the messaging app and reach an extremely large audience.

We remind you that this feature is currently only available in the USA, we do not yet have certain dates but we know that it will soon be active in Italy as well.

Facebook Shop

One of the most important advantages is the ability to complete the purchase journey without leaving the platform, thus ensuring absolute monitoring and a smooth experience, without interruptions. This means that from product discovery to the transaction, the user can complete the entire customer journey without having to jump from the social platform to the seller’s ecommerce.

Facebook’s goal is to provide users and businesses with an ecosystem they can rely on to shop and sell online. A simple, free, commission-free system is accessible to large and small shops.

How is Facebook Shop activated?

Gradually the function will be activated for everyone, giving priority to those who have already set up a Product Catalog and Instagram Shopping. These users will be notified with a notification and an email. So be careful of the notifications you receive! ?

Instagram Shop

How to activate it? Once you have received the email that tells you the possibility of opening the shop, access the Sales Manager and start the configuration procedures. This procedure takes place within the Business Manager so I suggest you start configuring it so that it is ready for use.

At this point, you will have to enter all the necessary company data, such as a physical address, VAT number, email, and so on. You will also be asked for payment information, shipping options, return policies, just like in the case of real e-commerce.

After entering all the info, you can create your product catalog on which the shop will be based to show information to users. Alternatively, you can also choose to manually upload products to the store. You can also create collections within the shop and customize some aspects such as layout, texts and colors.

To carry out all these actions you must be the administrator of the Facebook page and have connected the Instagram Business account. Once the procedure is completed, users will be able to reach your shop from the button on the page and from the appropriate tab that will be created on the Instagram profile.

What are the prohibited products?

As you can imagine, not all products can be sold in the shop but there will be several restrictions. Here are some of the products that CANNOT be sold :

  • Alcoholic
  • Animals
  • Downloadable and subscription content
  • Explosives, ammunition, and poisons
  • Supplements: protein bars, chitosan, and vitamins
  • Job offers
  • Medicines
  • Digital products
  • Adult products
  • Financial instruments and virtual currencies

Yes to physical products and no to services, but no wines, beers, and format. In fact, Facebook has compiled a long list of restrictions. I suggest you read it so you know in advance what you can sell and what you can’t.

What will happen to traditional ecommerce?

Many think that the road traveled by Facebook, but also that of Google with the innovations introduced with Google Shopping, could lead to the death of ecommerce. It is true that the goal of these web giants is to dominate Amazon and marketplaces, but we must not make the mistake of trying an online business to the fate of a single platform.

Facebook Shop offers numerous advantages to companies this is true, but having a solid foundation to rely on to establish your online presence is equally important. Remember that the winning strategy is the one that exploits the potential of different channels. Reaching the user online while he is intent on carrying out different actions (when he is on social networks the user has different needs than when he browses on Google or reads his emails), is of fundamental importance to obtain results.

Also, you need to understand which types of businesses Facebook Shop is best suited for. Perhaps for those products characterized by an impulsive purchase, perhaps with a low price threshold, or for already known brands. As always, testing and diversification are two essential aspects when it comes to online business!

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