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People need a break from their hectic lifestyles and getting a nice massage is a perfect way to relax and remain stress-free. Massages provide lots of benefits like a decrease in tension, loosening of the muscles, and also help in quick recovery from injuries. 

With massage centres and parlours closed due to the Covid-19 imposed lockdown, entrepreneurs can take full advantage of this trend by establishing an ultra-modern Uber for massage service app. They can hire certified and trained massage therapists to provide different types of massages right at the homes of customers. 

The ambitious entrepreneurs can take inspiration from successful massage apps like Soothe and Zeel. Building an outstanding on-demand massage app like Zeel from scratch is not a good option as a huge amount of investment needs to be made on hiring qualified developers and assembling the right stack. 

A viable alternative would be to get in touch with an awesome app development company like AppDupe for developing a customized Uber like app for massage. Our experienced app developers will create state-of-the-art Android and iOS apps for customers and massage therapists.

We will also create a modern web panel for accepting online bookings quickly. An advanced admin dashboard will help to control the day-to-day business operations efficiently.” 

What are the fantastic features of an Uber-like app for massage?

Availability of different types of massages – The customers can choose various kinds of massages like Deep Tissue, Geriatric, Prenatal, Sleep, Sports, Swedish, Thai, and Theragun Percussive) according to their convenience. Massages are available for both individuals and couples.

Valuable Gift cards – The users can offer a nice massage for their colleagues, family members, and friends by purchasing Gift cards. 

Premium membership plans – Customers who need massages regularly can become a member of a subscription plan (monthly and yearly). They will receive benefits such as extra discounts, priority appointments, and 24×7 technical support.

Acceptance of numerous payment methods – The users are allowed to pay easily for their availed massages through cash, credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets, net banking, and wire transfers. 

Live tracking of massage therapists – The customers can track the movement of their masseurs/ masseuses by switching on the GPS option on their devices. The Uber for massage service app will share information about the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) of the massage therapists. This helps the users to plan their schedule efficiently. 

A real-time chat facility – The users can stay in constant touch with the masseurs/masseuses by utilizing the live chat option for seamless communication. 

Sharing of instant notifications – An on-demand massage app like Zeel shares real-time notifications about the booking status, location of the massage therapists, and other promotional offers directly to customers. 

How does AppDupe develop the feature-packed Uber for massage service app?

Our team will have a detailed consultation session with the entrepreneur to acknowledge his/her business goals and operational scope for on-demand massage app development. 

We study the functioning of different Uber for massage service apps in the market, their customer-friendly policies, and marketing strategies. 

Our talented team of developers creates the prototype of an on-demand massage app like Zeel. It contains primary features such as appointment booking, payment processing, and customer support. The functioning of the prototype is tested in controlled conditions and the initial response is evaluated. 

All the other needed aspects are added to the Uber-like app for massage. Our specialized QA testers will remove the bugs and glitches that are affecting the overall performance and security of the on-demand massage app. 

The ready-to-use on-demand massage app like Zeel is launched in the target market at an apt time. It receives thousands of bookings from interested customers. 

Our skilled digital marketing team will actively share the multiple advantages of the Uber for massage service app across online customer forums and social media networks. This maximizes the positive buzz for the entrepreneurs resulting in greater business traction. 

Wrapping Up  

The global market for on-demand massage services will grow by an impressive annual rate of 6.15% until 2025. It will earn a revenue of $22.08 billion from 2021 to 2025. Greater demand will also be witnessed for massage equipment and massage oil in the future. 

Entrepreneurs can earn hefty revenue from booking fees, cancellation charges, imposing a commission from the massage therapists, premium subscription plans (monthly and yearly) paid by the customers, and transaction processing fees. Aspiring entrepreneurs can team up with AppDupe now for game-changing on-demand massage app development and get the best business results soon.


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