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About SAP Leonardo – Now is the time for a change! With the ongoing pandemic and the work from home culture, industries are resorting to using different tools that can be used to improve business processes. The risks are lower, and if the innovation works out as planned, it can be a huge benefit for the corporate world.

Advanced systems like machine learning, artificial intelligence, and the internet of things are making their way into different business segments. Be it sales, logistics, analytics, or procurement, there is a place for advancement in all three components. These advances will help in improving efficiency and profits. This is why SAP came up with their all-in-one technological innovation package, the ‘Leonardo’.

SAP Leonardo is an SAP-based platform that helps industries innovate quickly and integrate newer innovative measures into the classical business process. SAP Leonardo brings together advanced technologies like machine learning, blockchain, data intelligence, IoT, and big data. All these features add massive value to the existing systems and improve the working capacity of the company. About SAP Leonardo

This article will look at the architecture, features, and advantages of using SAP Leonardo:

Everything you need to know about SAP Leonardo –

SAP Leonardo’s Framework:

The SAP Leonardo platform is offered as Platform as a Service, which uses the cloud infrastructure to make the best out of these SAP Leonardo tools. There are a few main elements for the SAP Leonardo platform, and they are as follows:

  • SAP Leonardo Foundation – This module helps developers to create new applications integrated with the latest tools. It further helps develop reusable services that simplify the prototyping process and help in associating the different business processes. About SAP Leonardo
  • SAP Leonardo for Edge Computing – This module takes care of the data processing power within the system rather than the clouds. The tools equipped with edge computing collect data in real-time and use different filtering components to stream analytical data.
  • SAP Leonardo Bridge – As the name suggests, this module bridges the gap between the real-time collected data and the business application. It is made sure that micro-services get access to these data as soon as possible. This module is most used in logistics or other intelligent systems. About SAP Leonardo

Features available under SAP Leonardo:

SAP Leonardo is equipped with some of the cutting-edge technologies that are available for commercial use. Following is a list of those elements:

  • Machine Learning – These capabilities are primarily used in automating different systems and processes. It reduces human interaction in the process and improves the work efficiency of the enterprise. This also helps find out patterns in data and provide predictive analysis about the company’s future performances. About SAP Leonardo
  • Internet of Things – This is mainly used in connecting different data sources and sinks. It plays a significant role in monitoring and controlling purposes. IoT collects data from various business segments and uses that data to assess the company’s performance.
  • Big Data – Big Data provides users with the ability to store a large amount of data that a company generates regularly. Storing and systematically accessing data on such a large scale is very important for enterprises nowadays. About SAP Leonardo
  • Analytics – Analytics functionality uses the data collected from different systems to analyze better and find the link to the data. These systems use artificial intelligence to find out hidden patterns and then suggest changes that can help improve the business as a whole.
  • Blockchain – Blockchain technology helps in improving the level of security for storing important data. This also increases the transparency of the entire organization and can be used to increase clients’ trust in the company’s services.

SAP Leonardo is a collection of tools that will support different businesses in any possible way because of its ability to adapt to new conditions easily. Above this, these tools come with accelerators that help in quickening this process. These accelerators use different programs to solve various industrial issues. This enables developers to build up a model within a timeframe of 2-3 weeks.

Advantages of using SAP Leonardo:

There are a lot of ways an enterprise can gain benefits using the services provided by SAP Leonardo. Following are some of the main advantages:

  • Better Solution Ideation – Planning and designing is very important for any business process. These decision-making processes are proper only when there is a proper understanding of the business. Having powerful analytical tools help in finding out the performance of a different segment of a business. Machine learning and artificial intelligence make way for suggestive reforms which can improve a company’s performance significantly. About SAP Leonardo
  • Rapid Prototyping – After the ideation phase, SAP Leonardo’s tools help realize those plans as quickly as possible. Bridging tools take care of communication gaps among the data sources and the application. The SAP Leonardo architecture allows a faster developmental process and makes way for validating project concepts beforehand.
  • Better Integration – SAP is one of the most popular manufacturers of business software. Since SAP Leonardo is also their in-house product, the tools can be easily integrated with the existing processes and applications. For example, if there is a requirement for a cloud database, then the SAP HANA database can be easily used. About SAP Leonardo
  • Faster Scaling – Industries face a lot of problems when it comes to scaling products. The creativity and the realization phase can be successful even without the SAP Leonardo tools, but it is almost impossible to achieve a fast and efficient scaling process. About SAP Leonardo


SAP Leonardo is an overall solution that simplifies the integration process of different advanced technologies into the business processes. Since this is an SAP platform, it can be very easily integrated for companies using SAP-based business solutions. SAP Leonardo helps in simplifying business processes and provides seemingly unlimited ways of complete digitization of the business. In addition, there are many third-party SAP consulting services available that help newer enterprises use the tools provided by SAP Leonardo.


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