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The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is set to launch this summer, with several upgrades for Samsung’s most powerful foldable phones. It includes S Pen support, so you can take notes on the large display. Another Galaxy Z Fold 3 leak points to a more durable design that can withstand both water and dust. I also heard that this could be the first Samsung phone with an under-display camera. This provides a much more immersive viewing experience.

Design – Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

You can see major design improvements for the Galaxy Z Fold 3, and The Elec claims that this will be the first Samsung phone to acquire an under-display camera. It continues from the tip of the Ice Universe.  A separate leak, allegedly showing a still photo in a Samsung promotional video on the Galaxy Z Fold 3, seems to confirm that the camera at the bottom of the display is in progress. The new leak suggests this is also true, but the phone still has a hole-punch camera on the external display. It also has a triple-lens rear camera array.

Under-display cameras are mostly transparent and hide behind the screen until needed. For example, if you use the camera to take a selfie, the camera lens suddenly appears on the display. (Think of it as a variant of the display fingerprint sensor, the instructions for the sensor will only show when you need to unlock your phone.)

Rumors seem to be ripping on the Galaxy Z Fold 3’s dual display. According to one report, the Z Fold 3 has a 7-inch internal display and a 4-inch external display. They’re all a lot smaller than that of the Z Fold 2, and especially from the outside, we’ll have to wait for how Samsung is trying to justify it. However, separate rumors say there will be a 5.4-inch external display and a 7.7-inch internal display.

Durability – Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

According to one leak, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 comes with an IP waterproof and dustproof rating. It should help you survive accidental dunks and dusty outside walks. Samsung introduced an ultra-thin glass layer on the Galaxy Z Fold 2, making it stronger than its predecessor. Ice Universe expects its successor models to adopt a new version of slightly thicker glass, further enhancing the phone’s design and making it less fragile.

Similarly, The Elec says this thick glass will enable S-Pen support without damaging the flexible glass screen. And according to the patent, Samsung is testing the “Armor Frame” case for use in foldable like the Galaxy Z Fold 3.

About S Pen – Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 needs its own S Pen to replace the Galaxy Note with Samsung’s productivity-focused device. Ice Universe is a feature included in the Tweet you can expect from an upcoming phone 2021. Elec also confirmed that S Pen support will come as Samsung prepares the Z Fold range as the rugged Galaxy Note successor. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

Concept – Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

I’m not sure if the S Pen is too big to insert into a phone, but Let’s Go Digital has a rendering that shows how the stylus can fit into a foldable phone. However, South Korean blog Naver says that Samsung has not come up with a design that can fit the S Pen in the frame of the Galaxy Z Fold 3, so it is expected that a case will be needed that will allow the stylus to last longer. Like it does on the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Specifications – Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

You’ll have to wait for rumors to roll out to give you more details on the Galaxy Z Fold 3 specs, but based on what Samsung has included in this year’s version, we can make some pretty good guesses about the future foldable. Since the Galaxy Z Fold 2 runs on the Snapdragon 865 Plus, the new version can be assumed that Qualcomm’s top-of-the-line mobile processing platform will launch in the second half of this year.

Currently, the Snapdragon 888 is a leader in Qualcomm system-on-chip for Android phones, but the chipmaker has also introduced the Snapdragon 870 5G as an advanced version of the Snapdragon 865 Plus. Both chips can fit into the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3.

Leaker Ice Universe tweeted the incredible possibility that the Z Fold 3 would choose another system-on-chip without using the Snapdragon 888 or Samsung’s own Exynos 2100 chipset. You’ll have to wait to see if Samsung includes more RAM than the 12GB found on the Galaxy Z Fold 2, or if the storage expands beyond 256GB.

Battery & Charging – Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

The Galaxy Z Fold 2 runs on a 4,500mAh battery, with just over 10 hours each in the battery test. It’s a bit better than average, but especially impressive given the fact that it has two screens and a 5G connection to power the Galaxy Z Fold 2. Of course, we got that time by setting the display to a 60Hz refresh rate and testing the more demanding non-120Hz speed phones, so it’s a good idea for Samsung to figure out how to include more batteries in the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3.

But now the Z Fold 3 has a smaller 4,380mAh battery, and it still splits into two cells. One possible reason is that Samsung is making room for an inner bay for the S Pen, as it did with the Galaxy Note series in the past. On the charging side, you can expect a 25W charging rate on the Z Fold 3, just like on the Z Fold 2. This is according to the Chinese regulator 3C adopted by GSMArena.

Camera – Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

One Galaxy Z Fold 3 rumor is about a potential Samsung camera partnership with Olympus. According to several tweets by leaker Yogesh, the two companies could be teaming up for the camera on the upcoming Samsung smartphone. Yogesh suggested that the special edition version of the Z Fold 3 could be the first place we could see the fruits of this partnership, but if the partnership really is real, it might even make a debut on the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Recent leaks claim that the phone will come with a triple-lens rear camera consisting of 3x telephoto, wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle lenses. Each is set to 12MP resolution and records video at 4k 60fps. It is also said to have two selfie cameras, including a 10MP hole-punch camera on the external display and a 16MP under-display camera on the internal foldable display.

Summery – Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

When Samsung launched the Galaxy Z Fold 2, it confirmed many requirements just by making a more durable phone. So “more the same” would definitely sum up our vast request. Still, if the company is serious about replacing foldable phones with the Galaxy Note, here are a few things Samsung should do with the Galaxy Z Fold 3.

Samsung is making a good start here, and you can add a Flex model that runs three apps at once and switches the other half of the main display to the control and viewing area. We hope that more apps will support the Flex mode, and we hope Samsung can come up with a way to take advantage of the Fold’s extra screen space. If the S Pen is truly folded, it would be ideal to include the S Pen.

We’re excited to hear that the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is likely to be reinforced with ultra-thin glasses. It will be even more ecstatic when Samsung figures out how to make this phone waterproof. Currently, the Galaxy Fold does not offer anything in this regard. This is a big miss on a $2,000 phone.

Foldable phones cost a lot. And some are willing to pay the top bucks for a truly stylish folding device. Still, if Samsung can find a way to lower the price of the Galaxy Z Fold 3, that change would be welcome. And the Galaxy Z Fold FE, which lowers the price even further, will need a much better idea.


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