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ETA License or WPC Certificate is a legal requirement that you need to fulfil if your business is to import and sell wireless products in India. Without it, your wireless products will get stuck in the customs officer.

It’s one of those important licenses that the government of India didn’t care to discuss about. However, with the rise in Demand for wireless products, especially during the time when Working- From-Home is becoming a new norm, there is a market that you need to learn to tap into.

Through this article, you’ll know all about how does it take to import wireless products in India.

What is WPC ETA Certificate?

When it comes down to it, an ETA certificate is basically an equipment type approval. It allows you to import wireless products in India. It’s issued by the Wireless Planning Commission, a wing of the Department of Telecommunication. Following are the instances where getting WPC ETA certificate isn’t a matter of option for you:

  • If you’re an importer of wireless equipment, you need the approval of Wireless Planning Commission before you can start your business.
  • If you’re an importer whose wireless products is working within the frequency that has not received approval from the wireless planning commission, then WPC certificate is how you get the approval for the same.

If you look deeper into the above two mentioned points, you’ll note that not everyone requires the WPC NOC certificate.

  • If you’re an Indian manufacturer who is producing wireless products in India, you don’t need any approval from the wireless planning commission.
  • If you’re importing a product that works at the frequency that already has the ETA certificate. Then in India, you won’t need to have any approval to import it. However, you have to provide the proof to the commission that your product indeed works at the approved frequency.
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The procedure of getting the ETA license in India

Now, let’s discuss the bottom-line process to get the ETA license in India:

  • Get your equipment tested for Radio frequency emissions. Acquire the test report.
  • Hire an ETA license consultant. They will act as your Authorized Indian Representative.
  • Create a WPC ETA login to begin filing the ETA license application.
  • Submit the documents online.
  • Post the hardcopies of the documents, the sample of the product and the filled application form to the WPC branch in your state.
  • Wait a while as your equipment is tested, your application is analysed and your documents are scrutinized.
  • Get the ETA certificate in India.

Documents required for ETA license

Following is the list of documents you need to submit for the ETA license in India:

  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Letter authorizing the AIR
  • Description of the wireless equipment
  • RF test report of the equipment
  • Technical specification of the wireless equipment


ETA License to import wireless product is definitely not a new certification, but it’s now getting its due attention. Thus, if you require it, reach out to Registrationwala via our online portal. We can act as your Authorized Indian representative, providing you all the details you require to file the application.

Here is all that you need to know about ETA license to import wireless products in India. If you have any further queries, you can reach out to our experts.

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