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EPR registration is a license made mandatory by the Central Pollution Control Board for the producers and importers electronic products and collection centres of electronic wastes. It signifies that you’re not only allowed to produce or import electronics, but you are also obligated to ensure that electronic wastes are being managed properly.

What do we mean when we say manage? What are the responsibilities once you obtain the EPR registration online?

Much of the information about your duties can be extrapolated from the EPR certificate format. However, you’d not be able to find out all of the information on your own. Thus, through our expertise, we have discerned the exact duties that you have to adhere to once you obtain EPR registration online.

Responsibilities for the entities after obtaining EPR Registration

There are three types of entities for whom getting EPR certification is mandatory. They are as follows:

  • The producers: Those who produce electronic products that with time become electronic wastes
  • Collection Centres: Centres and organizations that are responsible for collecting E wastes
  • Dealers: Those who deal with electronic waste products and electronics
  • Refurbishers: Refurbishers are individuals who earn their money by either repairing old electronic products or recycling them in a way that people can use them.
  • Dismantlers: These are the people who are supposed to dismantle or break down the electronic waste products into its constituents. When it comes to the question of what is EPR certificate, much of the answer is associated with them.

Responsibilities of Producers after getting EPR registration

Following are the responsibilities of a producer upon getting EPR registration

  • Producers are accountable for collecting and channelizing the electronic waste generated from the products that they sell once they have reached their:” end of life
  • Producers are responsible for creating a mechanism that can be implemented to channelize the electronic waste from products that have stopped being useful. These products include wastes collected from the distributers and/ or authorized service centres.
  • Producer are in charge of disposal in treatment, storage and disposal facility. They ensure that the products are pre-treated so that the toxic substances from electronic products are removed
  • As a producer, you must mention the arrangements you’ve made to collect e waste and electronic equipment from the products you’ve placed in the market. It includes dealers, PROs, Collection centres.
  • Producers must provide complete contact details to customers or customers who buy in bulk
  • It’s imperative that a producer organizes an awareness program pertaining to e waste.

EPR registration responsibilities of collection centres

Following are the EPR registration responsibilities of collection centres

  • Collecting e waste on behalf of producer, dismantler, recycler or refurbisher. These products would include those that have been abandoned and make sure that their facilities are up to EPR standards.
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EPR registration responsibilities of Dealers

If the producer has given the responsibility of e waste collection to the dealer, the dealer shall be responsible for collecting the e waste by providing the customer a bin, a box an area where the customer can place his or hers damaged electronic product. They can also implement a take back system so that the collected e waste can reach the recyclers. They must also ensure that environment doesn’t suffer any damages because of e waste transportation

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EPR registration responsibilities of Refurbishers

Refurbishers with EPR certification have the responsibility to deal with the e waste that they have received from an authorized dismantler or the recycler in a way that it doesn’t harm the environment.

EPR registration responsibilities of Dismantler

EPR certification responsibilities of a dismantlers consist of processing of dismantling that are in accordance with the guidelines and standards of the EPR code.


EPR Registration comes with a lot of responsibilities. Make sure that you’re ready to shoulder them before you start your electronics business. And when you think you’re ready, contact Registrationwala.

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