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The concept of developing the Gojek clone is an iconic business in recent years. No one will refuse this fact as it has evolved into a prodigious idea to earn consistent revenue. It is no surprise that people are reliant on smartphones to meet their basic needs. This has made entrepreneurs and business owners grab this opportunity and enter the profitable on-demand services industry with Gojek Clone.

Gojek Clone – Explained

Gojek Clone is an on-demand multi-service application that provides various services to users. It offers 50+ on-demand services, including car wash, taxi booking, grocery delivery, food delivery, house cleaning, electrician, carpenter, babysitting, moto rental, and so on.

When it comes to on-demand services, there are so many apps in the market. The idea of Uber to offer various on-demand services has encouraged many to come up with such ideas. Whereas, having multiple apps for various services is not that effective. That is, people do not like to install all these apps on their smartphone as it consumes more storage.

In such circumstances, Gojek made its appearance with more than 50 on-demand services that benefit the users. Also, this app benefits the entrepreneurs and service providers who have registered with the app.

Yes, implementing a successful business model will not lead to failure. In addition to this, the app proffers multiple services and so you can consider following various revenue streams to earn income. In case, any one of the on-demand services does not draw the users attention, and you can generate revenue from the remaining on-demand services. In simpler terms, the Gojek clone is a one-stop solution that helps to get a huge number of the user base.

Some Of The Prominent Services In The Gojek Clone are as Follows


Users can book a two-wheeler using the Go-Ride feature. Also, they can book a taxi through Go-Car that ends up removing stand-alone taxi apps.


It is the instant and quickest on-demand food delivery service. This has replaced all the other food delivery apps. Moreover, this creates the primary source of revenue.


It offers an on-demand grocery delivery service in which users can order the groceries online and get these delivered to their doorsteps within a stipulated time.


Go-Send acts as an on-demand courier service where users can send a parcel by availing the fast delivery. And, with the messaging feature incorporated into this app, users can send documents online without any restrictions.


The Go-Massage service allows the users to schedule an appointment to acquire massaging from experts. Then, they can avail the treatment at the scheduled time.


Users can avail themselves of the medicines from the pharmaceutical stores. They can even get exotic medicines from other countries.


It offers maintenance services to the users. Users can avail themselves of car washing, car service, repair, and much more.


Go-Pay allows the users to make payment transactions like sending and receiving money online. This comes as a replacement for e-wallet apps such as Grey, Paytm, and so on.

Let’s Have a Look at a Few of the Advanced Features of the GoJek Clone App:

Schedule a booking

Usually, users can book the trip instantly and enjoy the ride. Also, they can schedule the trip according to their convenience. This helps them to reach the destination at the correct time. Moreover, nearby drivers can confirm the trip request, pick up the user, and drop in the destination without delay.

Payment mode

The GoJek clone app offers multiple payment options in which users can choose a credit card, debit card, wallet, PayPal, and Cash-on-delivery at their convenience.

Live tracking

Using the GPS tracking system, users can locate the driver’s real-time location upon the confirmation of the request. Also, drivers can check the users’ location to reach their location on time. The app displays the best-optimized route for the drivers so that they can reach quickly without any delay.


Reviews or feedback is necessary to know the users’ preference. Upon analysing this, you can improve the app performance.

Estimated time and fare

The Estimated time feature calculates the travel time for reaching the destination from the pick-up location. The fare estimation feature will allow the users to know the fare before they book the ride.

Besides these, you can have a set of unique features in your on-demand multi-services app to reach a wider range of users and stand out from the competition.


An on-demand multi-services app is a suitable business in the digital era where you can generate revenue consistently from various revenue streams. When you plan to develop the Gojek clone app, consider the prominent services and features. Also, have a unique feature to run the long business run. Approach a clone app development company for developing the on-demand services app using the white-label app solution.  


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