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After the outbreak of covid-19 virus, many organisations and big brands were forced to either cancel or delay their events. Until the nation declares any further announcement of this uncertain situation, people will seem to continue with their work remotely.

The world is vigorously trying to cope up with the health crisis, but during this time we saw impressive popularity for digital components. The demand for digital events and technologies are radically growing like anyone could have ever imagined. Many tech-enthusiasts discovered unique alternatives to deliver the same look and feel of traditional events into virtual reality.

With digital innovations emerging full-fledgedly, many organisations have shifted their focus from physical events to virtual and DIY virtual events. Besides that, virtual events leveraged event experts to reach out to global attendees and set-up their business in any part of the world.

In this article, we are going to be focusing on DIY virtual events. Understand what DIY virtual events are, why they are becoming extremely popular, what a DIY virtual event platform has to offer, and several advantages of hosting a DIY virtual event. So let’s get started!

What are DIY Virtual Events?

In layman’s terms- the word DIY means ‘Do It Yourself’, DIY virtual events enables organisers to completely customise their platform as per their needs. If you choose DIY virtual events for your organisation then you don’t need any supervisor to assist you with the event tactics. The possibilities of using this platform are endless.You can simply personalise the theme of your event, define your own dynamic banners, add as many touch points as you want, change the colour and font of buttons and icons that matches your brand logo, design your own registration templates and so forth via using DIY virtual event platform.

The reason why DIY virtual events are gaining popularity

Digital events are ever changing and are always evolving. You see after the pandemic hit us, almost every industrial sector started conducting events over a virtual event platform. This made virtual events immensely popular and the demand for it has doubled surprisingly faster.

Today, you see so many different kinds of events happening. The latest one is DIY virtual events which are ruling in the digital world currently and have won the hearts of millions. And why not? At such challenging times, when in-person events are not a sensible option, you can seamlessly conduct any event from the comfort of your home and that too without any interference.

DIY virtual events eliminates all the restrictions making the event platform of your own. Lately, many large and small scale industries are seen taking advantage of these events and have become a part of their new normal. It has offered vibrant opportunities to advertisers and planners like increasing the ROI rate while also curating valuable responses from their virtual attendees.

DIY virtual event platform solutions

A DIY virtual event platform offers various tools and services that would help any organiser to create their own personalised and engaging virtual event. Here are some of them listed below:

Define Your Dynamic Banners

Dynamic banners like you all know hold a brand’s images and GIFs and are placed in the lobby area. This exuberant banner comes with unique clickable functionality which is curated in a sell-able space in your virtual event platform. By creating these clickable  banners, you help your attendees to go to their desired locations. DIY dynamic banners offer event organisers a strong branding opportunity while keeping their event visually exclusive.

DIY Booth-Builders

DIY virtual event platform offer organisers with customisable booth setup feature. This enables them to alter the entire look and feel of the exhibition booths. You can change the colour of your booth, use different fonts for your booth, upload images, videos and essential PDS related to your brand in a jiffy.

Customise Your Event Games

As your attendees will be attending the event from their home, distraction can hamper your entire effort of creating the event. To avoid that, it is important to add tools which are engaging and keeps them hooked throughout the event. With DIY virtual features you can add your own personalised games or incorporate third-party games as per your requirements.

DIY Touchpoints

Touchpoints are generally clickable points that enable the host to make their attendees’ journey as smooth as possible. DIY touchpoints help organisers to map out the entire event journey in simple format to allow attendees to save their time and navigate to different event areas seamlessly. You can add as many touch points as you want according to the event requirements.

DIY Registration Templates

A DIY online event platform enables you to customise the registration form layout according to your brand needs. You can easily change the colour, shape, size, font of your button as well as icons names and types that match your brand logo.

Benefits of hosting a DIY virtual event

The advantages of hosting a DIY virtual event ranges from cutting edge technology to it’s cost-effectiveness, which enables any organisers to create an immersive experience for their remote attendees. Here are a few advantages to look at-

  1. With DIY virtual event platform you don’t require any support from your service provider or any third-party platform.
  2. You can easily design the entire ambience of your platform without any interference of your service provider.
  3. One of the biggest advantages of conducting a DIY virtual event is that it offers accessibility and flexibility to an event organiser.
  4. As the event is solely created by you the cost is extremely reduced as you only have to pay for the platform you are planning to host your event and that is it! Rest all requires zero or minimal cost.
  5. Makes you more creative and opens a whole new box for ideas after all it’s you who is co-creating the ambience of the platform.

Over to you

DIY virtual event platforms can be termed as the new way or organising an event for our generation. After the government banned in-person gatherings and asked citizens to become self-dependent, people started taking initiatives that would allow them convenience over complications. DIY virtual event platform is a perfect example here. We hope this guide helps you deliver unforgettable virtual events at scale seamlessly without any interference of third person. Happy hosting!


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