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Cost Control Data Systems – Facing the cost challenges during the development of a project it is always difficult to determine the final balance between profit or loss.

The necessity to use cost control procedures not only as a tool but as a way of thinking on all aspects during the development of a project can be an advantage against the cost risks. A well organized cost control department is the center of interest trying constantly to identify, determine, explain all the risk factors, prevent losses and maximize profit. At the same time the project must be delivered to a client just in time following contract rules.

Having a reporting standard that is able to cover in depth all financial aspects of a project is a fact that can not be avoided no matter the size of the project. From small size to big size projects the need for advanced cost control reporting is the number one key that can drive a project to profitable success.

A software that is focused on cost reporting using extended database capabilities can be the heart of the cost control department. Being at the center of interest, the software system needs to cover most of the reporting issues.

In most cases, cost control departments are using tons of spreadsheets files. Using a main software system for cost control does not mean that spreadsheets will stop being used, but they will not be the main data recording system. This role can easily go to the cost control software system. With a powerful database back end it will take over the hard work ensuring data integrity, online multi user-access, data integration with external data sources and flexible reporting capabilities.

An open-source solution that was designed and developed for rapid integration into cost control  operations is the Rapid Business Information Organizer (or Rabio).
It is offering flexibility and easy reporting . See more on


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