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Just like other hardware components of a computer, Printers also play an important role. It is an excellent technology to work with when everything is fine, but once it starts creating issues, things can be very costly and frustrating. You may have to visit an expert to get your printer back in proper working condition. The entire process consumes a lot of your time and money. Therefore, it’s better to take some proper guidance to deal with common issues that come across while using printers.

6 Amazing Tips for Printer Users

In this article, you can check out some common but useful tips or instructions while using Printers.

1. The Endless Paperchase:

You may face issues like slow printing. This can be due to the wrong choice of drivers, high-resolution settings, memory issues, etc. The computer and printer may not be able to process large data provided by the high-resolution images. This results in slow printing issues. The choice of drivers also has a direct impact on the speed of printing. Like, some printers come with high-end lasers and inkjets which may lower the speed of printing. In such situations, you may select drivers that encourage the printing speed of your printer.

2. Low-performance issue:

You must have faced performance issues with your printers. Download and install printer drivers in your Windows 10 to enhance the overall performance of your printer. For example, you can opt to download the canon ip2770 driver. It will increase the printing speed of your printer. It not only offers high printing speed features but also quality printing to you. This will enhance the overall functioning of your printer as well.

3. The Workflow Logjam:

There can be so many causes of the workflow logjam in your printers. For example, paper inserted incorrectly, damaged rollers, low-quality paper, low-quality cartridges, etc. In such cases, you should turn off the printer to avoid any damage to the printer or injury to yourself. Remove the papers slowly, remove the printhead and try again, check the output tray, look for the repair or replacement, etc. One or the other way will surely work out.

4. A picture’s worth 1000 words:

Sometimes, your printer works properly. But, when you see the printout, it is not that good. You find faded images, smudges, etc. This spoils the whole document. You can try some handy tips for better quality printing. Like, check your print driver to see if you had selected the correct paper. If there are smudges, take the print out of various blank sheets of paper, they will fade away. Check twice that the paper loaded in the tray matches the one that you had selected in the printer driver, etc.

5. Printer isn’t printing:

Sometimes when you try to print, your printer doesn’t work at all. Everything is connected properly, then what may be the reason that the printer doesn’t print at all? In such a situation, you should check that there is no paper stuck inside the printer. Also, have you put the paper in the correct tray or not? Last but not the least, you can restart your printer. If that doesn’t work out, leave the printer turned off for some time before turning it on.

6. Outdated Printers:

How old is your printer? Are you still using an outdated printer? It can be well understood that you are attached to your printer. You still consider it in very good condition. There are no issues with your printer. It’s just some little hiccups sometimes, that have come to your notice. The point is, now is the right time to replace your current printer with the new one. You have to understand that your printer has become old now. Don’t just wait for some big and serious issues to arise.


The above tips or say instructions are very common for all Printer users. Hope that you find them not just common but also useful and helpful. Go through these tips where you will find the common issues and their solutions too.


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