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Domain Transfer in Nepal – You already have a great domain name registered in Nepal?

But you’re not happy with your current domain registrar because of lack of customer support and great user experience.

Don’t worry, you can transfer your domain to AGM Web Hosting, a leading domain registrar and web hosting company in Nepal.

So how do you figure out if transferring to AGM Web Hosting is right for you? Here are a few things to consider before getting started with them. Domain Transfer in Nepal

Domain Transfer in Nepal

Why transfer?

Not all domain registrars in Nepal are the same. From the features they offer to how reliable they are, there’s a lot more to any registrars than just selling you domain names. If you’re not satisfied with your current domain registrar, the good news is that you’re not locked in. You can make a switch anytime with few simple steps that we’ll discuss later below. It largely depends upon the domain owners choice whether or not to switch to the different registrars. However, a recent survey within 500 domain owners in Nepal revealed that they usually transfer domains because of the following reasons:

  1. Price: In case if customers find the renewal charge for the domain is very high. In this case, switching to another registrar with cheaper options seems a good pick.
  2. Feature: Current domain registrar lacks features or sets limitations on them.
  3. Whois Details: If the registrar leaks the contact information even after buying ID protection.
  4. Customer Support: If the registrar doesn’t offer prompt support and fails to deliver what’s promised.
  5. Payment Method: If customers have to wait for long even after clearing the domain dues.
  6. Centralization: If domain owners decides to keep domain and hosting on a single company.

Changing WHOIS Details or Domain ownership | AGM Web Hosting
If you need to change the ownership of your domain for the registration purpose in department of information technology, you’ll need to fill the form and submit required documents. The process is really simple and the changes time may vary from few minutes to 72 hours. For example, if an employee registered your domain under a personal account, you may want to make the contact details displaying both registrant name and organization name, you can follow the steps above to transfer domain ownership. Domain Transfer in Nepal

Steps to Transfer Domain Name Easily | AGM Web Hosting
With so many domain registrars out there, it’s very easy to transfer your domain name without any hassle. While the transfer process may vary from one registrar to another, they all have some useful features in common to ensure that domain transfers are safe and secure:

  • Transfer locks prevent your domain from being transferred without your confirmation.
  • Authorization codes help make sure you have permission to transfer your domain you own from current registrar to new one. They are sometimes called “EPP codes” or “Auth codes” or “Domain Secret”.
  • Confirmation emails make sure you are transferring your domain to the right individual or business. You can’t make the transfer without verifying your identity. Domain Transfer in Nepal

At AGM Web Hosting, you can get started with just single steps by inputting the EPP code or Authorization Code after removing the domain lock.

Thinking about transferring your domain to AGM Web Hosting? Visit today to learn more and click Transfer a domain to get started. Domain Transfer in Nepal    


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